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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everybody I have been using ProMan for a while now but for certain simulations I get some serious deviations from the theoretical values that I calculated. To identify the reason for this difference I wanted to see the phase of every wave that contributes to the field strength of a point. However the log files that are generated only contain information about the path, transmission matrix, delay, field strength components and so on. I can calculate the phase difference between several paths (for example one direct path and a reflection) based on the delay and path length difference between them but i can't seem to find exact phase information for each path. Is there a way to gather the phase from a path, wether indirect or direct, or does ProMan not have such a mechanism? For the simulation I checked that the superposition of contributions is coherent and considers the phase. These mismatches are mainly present when there are reflections. Thanks in advance. Publi
  2. Hi, I have done the modal analysis of rectangular plates. Each plate has same length and breadth but has holes at different locations. I want to compare the modeshapes of these plates by overlaying them. When I overlay two h3d files, they appear with a 180 degree phase shift with respect to each other, i.e. the crest of one plate meets the trough of the other plate for every mode. How can I change the phase of one of the plates by 180 degrees? Or is there any other way to correct this? regards, Vachan
  3. Hi! I'm doing a frequence response analysis and I have to set two antiphase forces. I'm using the card RLOAD1. I have created a load collector named Phase with no card image but I don't know how to set the phase. How can I set that one force has a phase of 0° while the other has a phase of 180°? Could you help me? Thank you. p.s. I have attached the structure of the card RLOAD1
  4. Subbu


    Hello , I have a single displacement Vs. frequency signal derived by performing certain operations. How do I convert this back to time domain. If its iift what's the function and curve parameter to enter in Hyergraph (x and y) . If I have to extract mag and phase out of the single curve how do I do it in hypergraph(Altair).. Kindly help. Thanks Regards Subbu
  6. Hi, I'm using LaunchXL-F28069 (Piccolo Series) TI dsp board to develop a inverter. Though it is an inverter my primary application is to used it in rectification mode. To do the synchronization with AC grid I'm trying to use a Phase-lock loop. The tentative control structure is based as follows. I read Va, Vb, Vc voltages from grid. Convert them into alpha-beta using Clark transformation. Transformation was developed using fundamentals. The transformation block in SolidThinking Embed contains only two inputs and it doesn't work in my desing due to imbalance voltage.) Alpha-beta convert to DQ0 quantities. To do this I used fundamental equations and I manually developed a PLL as shown in the attached file. To operate in the rectification mode I need to add an additional phase angle to output theta before generate PWM. However when I powered the inverter there is a phase fault occurs. (High current flow from input (AC) and no current in output (DC) ). I think the problem is with PLL. I'm looking for a good reference of PLL development. Therefore I would like to seek any help from anyone who developed this kind of setup. Thanks
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