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Found 19 results

  1. Hello, I am writing a script in Compose in which I would like to create multiple figures located at specific locations on the screen. For this purpose, In Compose, the figures are docked by default. I need the figures floating on the screen. I can do that by clicking the "Float plot window" button. Is there a function in Compose that would do the same by a script? I am using Compose 2017.3. Thank you Berker
  2. Hello , i hope you guys doing well , Actually i generated my T01 file and exported it to hypergraph , After opening my T01 file, I tried to draw the kinetic energy curve but when I click on apply the curve is not displayed. I don't know where is the issue. I appreciate your help , thank you ! Best regards, hmmenT01 EDIT : PROBLEM SOLVED
  3. Hello everyone, I want to get stress/strain vs. time curve in hyperview, but I have only learned how to do linear static analysis in hypermesh. I try it in hypermesh, but I only get one point in the hyperview 2D plot as the picture shown. I want to know if there are any video or may you tell me how to choose those cards can I get the stress vs. time curve in hyperview. Thank you so much for you time. ~~(^_^)
  4. Submitted by Rich on Sat, 01/12/2013 - 03:33 I want to import a simple text file with data in it, and then plot it within VisSim. How do I do this?
  5. Sirs, i have question about data ploting in batch mode. I wrote some simple script to read model and results, prepare some dirived cases and then plot curve and export it. It works perfectly if it runs in gui mode. But there is issue with batch mode. Page1 GetAnimatorHandle Animator1 puts [Animator1 GetMode] #first try Animator1 SetInterpolationMode "transient" #second try Page1 SetAnimationMode "transient" puts [Animator1 GetMode] ###Output: # static # static Above part of script always set animator mode to static... the expected result is transient mode of animator to plot whole curve not just one point. Has anybody similar issue? Thanks in advance for help Regards Maciej
  6. Hi, I am doing spur gear to spur gear transmission analysis on motionview (gears have module 1 & teeth of the gears are 28 and 82). I used the rigid to rigid type gear contact and used poisson model with parameters as ,penalty = 1000, COR = 1, Normal transition velocity = 1mm/s to define the contact. I gave uniform rotational speed to the gear with 28 teeth and i requested for the output of rotational speed of the gear with 82 teeth. Theoretically i should be getting output plot to be a straight line with slope 0 & 1.024 rad/s (marker velocity) above x axis (time), but i am getting a curve which is not throughout straight line, plot shows a max peak of 7 rad/s velocity as well. What could be the issue for this?
  7. Dear all. i am new to this forum. Now i am working as a NVH engineer (fresher). i am using Nastran solver to conduct vibration analysis. Myquestion: In frequency response analysis. i usually apply 0hz to 250 hz to the structure and i measure the maximum vonmises stress at each frequency. so is there anyway to plot a graph or track the maximum von mises stress at each frequency. P.S.: 1. live tracking the stress at a same node is easy. (but it will give the stress value at that node for different frequencies.) -> BUT I WANT THE GRAPH like Example: at 1hz - the max stress is 2 Mpa. at 2hz - the max stress is 5 MPa. at 3hz- the max stress is 10Mpa. . . . at 250 - the max stress is -- Mpa. like that ( irrespective of the position , i need only the max stress) is there anyway to plot or track the max stress. please share it with me. (if anyone cant understand my question. please let me know. i will try to explain better or i will give you the input and output files.) thank you. anticipating for the answer.
  8. Hello! Hypergraph allows several window layouts. I have a peculiar requirement which requires a 5 vertical windows by 1 column. Is there any way to set a custom layout which is not available in HG? Regards, Chinmay
  9. Submitted by Satyabrata on Wed, 11/10/2010 - 16:13 Pls let me know how to put a plot in a loop. Thanks & Regards, Satya.
  10. Hi Everybody, I have simulated the torsion of a chassis. Therefore I would like to plot the displacement of the chassis along the x coordinate of it. As there is HyperGraph to plot such things, I don't know how to get the needed informations from Hyperview to hypergraph, in order to plot the wanted curve. Can someone help me with this case? Thanks a lot in advance Dean
  11. Hello, I am seeing an error in a couple of files where the displacement contours are plotted 'backwards' on the model. That is, the displacement contours are plotted at full magnitude on the undeformed model at t=0 Then at t=1, all contours show zero magnitude but the model is in it's deformed state. Von Mises Stress contours appear correctly, with 0 stress at t=0. RADIOSS solver deck. Results from other parts using the same deck are displaying as expected. Thanks
  12. Hello everyone, We have to create a fully automated tool that takes the user inputs and solve a defined problem using hypermesh, optistruct and hyperview. I can run hypermesh and optistruct to solve a simple problem yet I can't program anything to display results with hypermesh. I would like to display displacements (i.e. plot them) and capture the graphical area to later import it in the matlab GUI. My understanding is that I have to use the Altair reference guide. My idea is to use the polContourCtrl command. So far I have : hwi OpenStack #Session hwi GetSessionHandle sess #Projet sess GetProjectHandle proj #Page proj GetPageHandle page 1 #Window page GetWindowHandle win 1 #PoiPost win GetClientHandle client #Model client GetModelHandle test 1 #Résultat test GetResultCtrlHandle res #Contour res GetContourCtrlHandle con hwi CloseStack Obviously this does not work. What am I missing ? Thank you.
  13. Submitted by krishna1212 on Thu, 05/10/2012 - 22:50 Can I zoom into the plot block to see data in detail?Thanks,Krishna
  14. Submitted by Joe on Thu, 11/13/2014 - 11:20 Is there a cursor in the plots (showing the value of a certain point)? I want a way to move the mouse and get an interactive data read out of the values in a given plot trace.
  15. Hello, I am trying to plot force/displacement in HyperStudy and at the moment I can only plot displacement at certain node (N1, N2, N3,....) however I would like to plot using maximum displacement. Can anyone instruct me to how I can output maximum displacement to be able to plot it in HyperStudy? Many thanks, Ahmed
  16. Hello everyone, I'm a new user of Compose (have lots of experience in Matlab and Hypermath though) and I am plotting some data. I am experiencing two problems: 1) There seems to be no legend handle. So, I cannot edit the font size of the legend in my script. Any idea how to do this (in a script, not by clicking on the legend and editing it manually)? 2) When I execute the following lines, the Ylabel completely disappears from the figure. Even when I save it, there is no (or only some of the pixels) Ylabel; it is shifted too much to the left. How can I move the ylabel (again, in a script, although I'm not even able to move it by mouse or so). Changing the position of the axes or the figure does not help and there is no 'Position' option in the label handle. figure(1) plot([1:9],[20:20:180]) set(gca,'FontSize',12) ylabel('Reaction force [N]') legend('test') saveas(1,'testimg') Thank you for replying.
  17. How could we apply a contour plot to a model using tcl commands ? Such that after doing so when an animation is started, the contour plot appears with it ? I've found commands to SetDataType and SetDataComponent for the contour Handle, however I could not find an apply command for the same. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  18. Hello, I tried to adjust the font size of text inside a figure using a similar command from MATLAB, but it didn't work. text(point11(1),point11(2)+0.2,'point11','FontSize',10) Is FontSize property not available in text function? Also, could it be possible to remove the lines from the text in a plot? Kind Regards Berker
  19. Hello, I have been working on plotting a figure in Compose, based on a code I originally created in MATLAB 2016a. Below please see the script. It has two simple functions which should be saved as individual files. When I run the same script in Compose and MATLAB, I get different results (please see the screenshot attached). For example, in Compose, the dash lines are not clear. Also, the location of the text is not the same. Is this related to the difference in the resolution between Compose and MATLAB? Could you please let me know if there are any parameters that I can adjust in the Compose (either in Preferences or in a command) to improve the figure? clear; close all; clc; point11=[5.96713137 0.62717078]; point21=[3.95052614 0.62717078]; point31=[3.68006142 1.56752924]; point41=[5.49852958 0.12717078]; point51=[5.49852958 0.62717078]; point61=[5.99839591 0.13873176]; point71=[4.35654519 1.12717078]; point81=[4.35654519 0.62717078]; point91=[3.87248462 1.00192958]; origin=[0 0]; pointX1=[1.93185165 0.51763809]; pointX2=[2.82842712 2.82842712]; pointX3=[4.04434113 4.4320768]; figure(10); hold on; set(gcf,'position',[500 300 702 500]); drawPoint(point11); drawPoint(point21); drawPoint(point41); drawPoint(point51); drawPoint(point61); drawPoint(point71); drawPoint(point81); drawPoint(point91); drawPoint(origin); drawLine(origin,pointX1,'--'); drawLine(origin,pointX2,'--'); drawLine(origin,pointX3,'--'); drawLine(point71,point81,'--'); drawLine(point41,point51,'--'); text(point11(1),point11(2)+0.2,'point11') text(point21(1)-0.4,point21(2)-0.2,'point21') text(point41(1)-0.3,point41(2)-0.2,'point41') text(point51(1)-0.4,point51(2)+0.2,'point51') text(point61(1)+0.1,point61(2),'point61') text(point71(1)-0.3,point71(2)+0.2,'point71') text(point81(1),point81(2)-0.2,'point81') text(point91(1)-0.7,point91(2),'point91') xlim([0,7]);ylim([0,5]); function drawPoint(p1) plot(p1(1),p1(2),'-o','MarkerFaceColor','r','MarkerSize',7) end function drawLine(p1,p2,linestyle) x1 = p1(1); x2 = p2(1); y1 = p1(2); y2 = p2(2); xx = linspace(x1,x2,200); yy = linspace(y1,y2,200); plot(xx,yy,'color','k','lineWidth',2,'linestyle',linestyle) end Thank you Berker
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