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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, Is anybody model composite panel ply by ply before for the induction simulation? I try it but I do not know how to define the interaction between each ply since that we know there should have interaction between them. Best, Jerome.
  2. Hi, 1. Is the material orientation of each ply the same? I assigned different material orientations to each ply, but I cannot get the expected material orientations. 2. How to assign material orientation to elements with ply (fiber) direction? I try to assign the material orientation to plies with the cooridinate systems each ply used in drapping operations. But I found the obtained material orientation is not coincident with the ply direction. The attached pictures are the results of this test (for example, the directions in face A). I want to get the same directions, but I don't know how to do. Material_Direction_of_Ply.hm
  3. hello there, I am presently working on automotive suspension modelling using composites. I need to model Bi-directional(WOVEN_FABRIC) plies using hypermesh. Did not find much setting up procedures w.r.t woven fabric.How to proceed using ply entity options??. what is an equivalent way of modelling woven fabric in hypermesh??. help me with your valuable suggestions..... Thanks in advance Thanks and Regards, Mohamed Sharieff.
  4. Dear everyone! I want to export my ply-based shell composite laminate from HyperMesh to a STEP or PARASOLID file. I used the following option: File>Export>Geometry Model My composite laminate can not be imported properly into Solidworks 2019. Tried a lot of options but I could not reach that the shell elements (and plies) had the proper thickness. In Solidworks there was only a surface without thickness. I would like to design a tool for manufacturing and I need the proper geometry of my composite part. Thanks for your answer in advance! Imre
  5. Hi everyone, I m making a composite size optimization and need to use the same design variable to multiple plies. Simplified, I need several different plies to have the same thickness and I need several plies with diferent thickness aswell. I formulated the problem this way and create a generic relationship to each ply, using only one design variable for multiple plies. This didn't work and appeared an error. I checked the dlink card but I dont know if that fits my purpose because how can I link DVs in order to have the same value? Any ideia on how can I do this? Best regards, Gonçalo
  6. Hi, I have an airfoil geometry with a complex ply lay-up (ply model). For some reasons I have to remesh this component so all sets of these plies will be automatically reset. To update them I have created the edges of each ply and now I have to reselect the elements, following these edges. How can I select elements by these edge lines? Is there a method to project the edges on my mesh and then select the elements with their centroID placed inner the close line? Thank you, Alessandro
  7. Hello everybody, I have generated a number of plys. In order to be as accurate as possible with the laminate and the weight, I would like to import the plus into Catias composite design. My problem is, that I am not able to export them as a simple step file. Is there any other solution? Kind regards Dean
  8. Hi, How can I export the laminate to an Excel file? Or if it is not possible, exporting the plies would be also helpful. Thank you, aecyd
  9. Hello, I am quite beginner in Hyperworks and I am currently modelling a laminate (HC panel) with different plies. Whenever I make a modification in the mesh, before running the calculation I need to re-open Ply card and specify elements that are included in each ply, because they are lost due to mesh (thus, element) modification. I am wondering if there is another way to specify plies, because it might be relatively annoying to update this part of the model each time a mesh modification is carried out; in this case, number of plies is not extrenely big, but it can happen that a model consists of many of them, leading to a high waste of time. For example, that instead of selecting elements which would be involved in a ply, surfaces could be selected. Any help would be helpful. Thanks in advance. Regards
  10. Hello, i got a composite plate with a hole in the center. The plate exists of 4 plys (0°/90°/90°/0°) and is loaded by a Force on one side (see Figure). I would like to get the First Ply Failure now. How can i do this? Greets Elvis
  11. Hi everybody, I have problems reaching a feasible design at the last stage of the ply optimization. I am trying to minimize the displacement during the shuffling of the plys. After the first iteration the solver stops without a message in the Message log, if it is feasible or infeasible. Did anybody had the same problem or can help me with this topic Kind regards Dean
  12. Hi everyone, I am trying to model a helicopter blade, i have imported the CAD model.. etc until i created Plys. whenever i set the material type to orthotropic and hit update, at the bottom left it says "cannot compute material normal" and when i go back into the ply, the material type is back again to "all". would you be able to help me with this issue? Kind Regards, Mohamed
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