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Found 12 results

  1. Good morning, I have a question about how to calculating the efficiency of coil in 2D and 3D model in Altair flux? I think we should start with using the 'compute on physics entity' function to do it but what to use? Active power? or Joule losses? Is that matter for coil and substrate region? Also, for total power of the multiple-turn coil: Total power = total sum of power from all the regions? Should I account the negative and positive sign cancel out each other? Regards, Jerome.
  2. I have a solved model and is in the post-processing stage. Now I want the results in such a way that a different notepad (results) is generated for particular force in particular sets of locations/nodes. For example, I need Von misses stresses at 6 nodes to come in a seperate notepad. Please let me know how can this be achieved?
  3. I need plot for elemental strain/stress for specific element in user defined coordinate direction Versus frequency for Frequency response analysis So plot will show elemental stress/strain with respect to frequency range considered in analysis. Objective here is to know values of elemental stress/strain for frequency range.
  4. Hi ! I have a problem when I try to vizualise Radioss results on HyperView. My model is a foam box under a compressive uni-axial test. During Radioss execution I have no error and warning but when I try to vizualise stress or forces into foam box , I see Stress or forces are egual to zero .... However, deplacement results are not equal to zero and seems correct I attach my model and h3d file Thanks in advance for your help ! modele_eric_modifv5.hm modele_eric_modifv8.h3d
  5. Hi to everyone. I'm having some troubles to understand how to obtain a pure sum of two different load cases: i'd like to obtain the visualization of the sum of the ply and bond failure index, that are scalar values. I've already tried to use derived results and derived load steps, but I still do not obtain the rigth results as aspected from a simple scalar addition for example load case 1 : max ply failure =0.12 load case 2 : max ply failure =0.16 what I'd like to display considering scalar is max ply failure =0.28 thank you. Giovanni
  6. Hy, I'm working at composite simulation and I need some help: I have to verify material card data give me by laboratory; with 0°/90° tensile test no problem but with +45°/-45° experimental curve and RADIOSS curve are totally different. I try to eplain my problem better: material constants (by experimental Test) are E11= 20067 MPa, E22=23200 MPa, G12=1519 MPa, G23=1444 MPa and G31= 1444 MPa. I have reproduced experimental test in RADIOSS and I have done card fitting. In 0°/90° tensile test curves were very different but after a little modification of elastic modulus, they fitt enought: The problem is in +45°/-45° tensile test because curves are too different: Radioss curves are made in Hyperview, protting strain and stress of an element. What am I doing wrong? Could someone help me? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello, I would need some clarification to enable me understand what I am doing on FEKO. I am relatively new to using FEKO but I am having a hard time understanding some terminology. 1. What is the difference between MoM matrix and MoM impedance matrix. If there is a difference, how to I obtain the MoM impedance matrix on FEKO else I guess they are both the same. 2. What is the major difference between the surface current, current density vector and eigen-current. How do I obtain the eigen current on FEKO 3. The MoM matrix does not tend to match in terms of dimension with the current density vector on FEKO, how can I reconcile this
  8. ESAComp has a proven track record as a useful resource to many educational establishments worldwide providing courses in composite materials. Here's what the professors have to say: http://www.esacomp.com/articles/57-talking-to-professors ESAComp-EDU-06-2014.pdf
  9. I ran for SOL111 single subcase, in nastran 2013, output file <.pch>. I tried importing in hypergraph but got following error. " Error: Blocks present in the file <filename.pch> are not currently supported.!". Please help.
  10. Hello, I'm using HyperMesh and Abacus 3D Contact Solver in my project. This is a FEA Contact Simulations of two mating terminals, as shown below. Basically, terminal 1 will insert and withdraw during the mating process and terminal 2 was fixed at the right surfaces. I would like to plot the contact force between the two terminals during the insert/withdraw process. However, it is not available in HyperView. Can anyone help?
  11. Hi Kamlesh and Team, How can we plot radial and tangential velocity in cylindrical coordinate system ( polar system) in acufieldview? Normally it takes the global system to plot it. Regards, Rohit, Eicher engines
  12. Hello everyone! I would like to create an ascii output file for an inhouse postprocessing, which would contain a history of stress in chosen elements and rotational displacement (angle) of a node which is a center of rotation of a cylinder. The type of simulation that I use is implicit nonlinear statics, with several load increment steps. I was trying to print out all the data in a punch file, but this didn't work - the file was created, but it was empty. It is also important to me to print rotation angle for a chosen node and not other quantities. I cannot find this option among the availabel output types when creating an "output block" in hm in optistruct user profile. Is there any method to print the history of these two output types in the ascii format? Thank you for your answer in advance, Jakub
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