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Found 29 results

  1. Hi everyone. I have a quick question regarding the boundary condition in acusolve heat transfer. This is a transient simulation. Attached is the boundary condition for heat transfer from acusolve I would like to see the efficiency of the cooling channels but when performing the simulation the temperature in the inlet wall is maintaining at 250 C. Is there some way in acusolve to provide that temperature as an initial condition, which means the temperature should not maintain at 250 C throughout the simulation. As you can see in the below picture the temperature is maintained at 250 C throughout the simulation. I just want it to be an initial condition. Thanks in advance
  2. Hello All, I want to analysis a full solid cylinder and i want to reduce the time of the run. Someone suggested to me that I may find an option about analysis only one vertical section of the cylinder and the tool itself will make a revolve and generalize the result as if it was a 3D analysis. Does anyone are familiar with this option? is there something like that in Hyperworks? thanks
  3. Hello All, I am using radioss to analysis cylinder. I am applying Concentrated load and this load does not have any effect and I do not find any stresses on the part in the Hyperview. I made curve (x= 0,10,25,250 & Y=0,0,0.02, 0.02) and apply it to a node in the center. Kindly, find the file attached below. full cylind.mvw full cylind.hm
  4. I have a project of balancing a Two wheel robot in Motion View/Motion Solve but I am facing several issues regarding time step and joint errors. Can someone help with a solution ?? I am attaching the MDL file below.
  5. Hi guys good morning I have attached two solver deck which has similar set up similar elements count almost same except updated stress strain curve and small design changes. For the first deck the analysis time is very less when compared to the other which is running for days. Can someone guide me regarding this so that I can be able to fix it. Thanks in advance
  6. Hi All, Please help me out for solving OptiStruct linear static analysis. Problem: Since from 35hours solver is running but no result. Already written 520GB size scratch file, till increasing. Taking all 32GB ram and 8 core. I have HW 50 tokens. Out file is: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FINITE ELEMENT MODEL DATA INFORMATION : --------------------------------------- Total # of Grids (Structural) : 1654487 Total # of Elements Excluding Contact: 1173042 Total # of N2S Contact Elements : 434140 (internally created CGAPG) Total # of Rigid Elements : 222519 Total # of Rigid Element Constraints : 2059857 Total # of Local Coordinate Systems : 1 Total # of Degrees of Freedom : 9926916 Total # of Non-zero Stiffness Terms : 267537486 Element Type Information ------------------------ CONM2 Elements : 51 CQUAD4 Elements : 1169800 CTRIA3 Elements : 3191 Load and Boundary Information ----------------------------- FORCE Sets : 1 SPC Sets : 1 Material and Property Information --------------------------------- PSHELL Cards : 16 MAT1 Cards : 1 ************************************************************************ ************************************************************************ OPTIMIZATION PROBLEM PARAMETERS : --------------------------------- NO DESIGN MATERIAL OR DESIGN VARIABLES FOUND : ANALYSIS ONLY ------------------------ Static Subcase Summary : ------------------------ ---------- -------- -------- Subcase ID SPC ID FORCE ID ---------- -------- -------- 1 4 3 ---------- -------- -------- Run Type : Analysis Only Scratch file directory : ./ Free space: 740.308 GB Number of CPU processors : 8 ************************************************************************ ************************************************************************ MEMORY ESTIMATION INFORMATION : ------------------------------- Solver Type is: Sparse-Matrix Solver Direct Method Current Memory (RAM) : 5484 MB In addition a ramdisk area was allocated in memory : 200 MB Estimated Minimum Memory (RAM) for Minimum Core Solution: 5251 MB Recommended Memory (RAM) for Minimum Core Solution : 5251 MB Estimated Minimum Memory (RAM) for Out of Core Solution : 8782 MB Recommended Memory (RAM) for Out of Core Solution : 9785 MB Recommended Memory (RAM) for In-Core Solution : 58386 MB (Note: Minimum Core Solution Process is Activated.) (Note: The Minimum Memory Requirement is limited by Assembly Module.) (Note: Use param,HASHASSM,yes to avoid assembly module memory bottleneck) DISK SPACE ESTIMATION INFORMATION : ----------------------------------- Estimated Disk Space for Output Data Files : 648 MB Estimated Scratch Disk Space for In-Core Solution : 9103 MB Estimated Scratch Disk Space for Out of Core Solution : 74786 MB Estimated Scratch Disk Space for Minimum Core Solution : 79320 MB ************************************************************************ BEGINNING ANALYSIS SOLUTION .... ************************************************************************ ANALYSIS RESULTS : ------------------ ITERATION 0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- System Config: ** Windows 7 Workstation SP1 (Build 7601) DELL01-PC ** ** 8 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz ** ** CPU speed 3400 MHz ** ** 28696 MB RAM, 65418 MB swap ** Please help me whether I have to wait for run. if yes please suggest me approximate time it may take. Thanks and Regards, Shriram S Kalburgi
  7. I am working on a component where I have to constrain one end of the model only in Rotational. . and those constraints should be locally defined( planar constrain). Pls find the attached image. The black highlighted face area has to get constrained to that local plane only in rotational. pls guide in this regard, Thanks, Nagaraj
  8. Hi All. I am running a non-linear quasi static analysis for a fan shroud, using tensile stress strain curve. I,m getting an error that ''the values present in TABLES1 should be either in ascending or descending order''. But by stress- strain curve are not in that order. Please see the attached document..
  9. Hello sir, please tell me how to Apply 50 rpm rotational motion on a rotating body in motion solve as input
  10. Hi Bro Good evening. I have to find the insertion force and the removal force. Since the geometry is complex hexa mesh is very difficult so I have to go with tetra mesh. I have tried the enforced displacement lateral force analysis method where the results are not correct. The problem description is as follow. To find out the insertion force. (<90 N MAX) To find out removal force. (F=90N MIN and 150N MAX) Since there is no tutorial for this kind of analysis. Can you explain me what I have to do next. Thanks in advance...
  11. Hello Sir, Please guide me for the following aspects in hot forming process: 1) which type of meshing & its size is required for the blank? 2) For the forming process, please elaborate complete process setup for the hot forming? 3) Please share any tutorial video for the setup as well as for results explanation of hot forming process.
  12. ERROR ID : 194 ** ERROR IN HIERARCHY REFERENCE DESCRIPTION : -- SURFACE ID : 6 -- SurfPartForInterfaceId_1 TITLE : PART REFERENCE TO UNEXISTING ID=83 please help in solving this,its urgent
  13. I am performing a drop test in which i want Global Energy curves & contact forces graph. I have performed it but the internal vs kinetic energy graph is not getting plotted.As both point (blue & red) are stable. please suggest solution for my mistake.
  14. Dear guys, I am new in hyperwork .I have problem regarding contact penetration.Actually it has three component first cylinder with 39.8 dia with SS material , O ring having internal dia 30.1and thicknes 5.1 with rubber properties and metal tube with OD 31.8 again SS material.Actually in Preload condition how much O ring compressed or contact area when we assembly the cylinder with tube.After that a 3 bar pressure is applied from Max contact pressure will be there. I already worked on given below hm file but can't get result.For better understanding I just also share image file.Thanks and regards in advance.Its very urgent. leaktest_new1_01.hm
  15. Dear sir, I want some help in my final year project. Can anybody provide me step by step procedure to setup the model in Acusolve to do the same analysis as shown in this video? I will be very thankful for this.
  16. Hello sir I’m working on a structural transient analysis and I’m facing some doubts. I kindly request for your suggestion. Similar to OS-1315: Modal Transient Dynamic Analysis of a Bracket Input: I’m working on the bracket which is of 2mm thickness. Constrain and excitation is at the same point of location(bolt connection) Acceleration 50g Nominal shock duration = 11ms nominal shock shape = half sine In OptiStruct: In TIME STEP load collector i have used N=100 and increment=0.00011 (I have considered 100 steps for the time of 0.011seconds) In TABLED1 load collector i have assigned x1=0 ,y=0, x2=0.0055, y=50, x3=0.011,y=0 In SPCD load collector i have assigned x=9810 (applying only along x direction) In TLOAD1 load collector i have used Type=Acceleration Please let me know whether the input i have assigned is right are not. Regards Vinay
  17. Hello sir, please tell me can we model transient response analysis of gang bridge in hyperworks, I am attaching 1 youtube link of that video.please see that and tell me ho to apply that type of loading condition in hyperworks
  18. Ali


    Hi Prakash Pagadala I have faced a problem in the optistruct. after doing a modal analysis. analysis is completed but I get this result 1 Error: Unable to locate /gear analysis/modal anal.h3d model file.
  19. what is the error in my model, I am unable to find out. Please help me in this. I have attached .hm file A fatal error has been detected during input processing: *** See next message about line 14792 from file: C:/Users/Sanjeev/Desktop/sam/transient/with vanes.fem "DLOAD 12 1.0 7 1.0 8 1.0 9" *** ERROR # 1000 *** in the input data: Incorrect data in field # 3. with vanes.hm
  20. hello sir, sir i have a problem, sir i am solving a problem in which a rigid ball is dropped on a steel plate,ball contain 2d mesh on its surface and 1d rigid element,initial velocity is applied on the centre node of rigid, deformation only occur in plate not in ball. sir i have problem in creating interface,please tell me how to create interface of type 7,on which component i have to create contact surface
  21. How i can model a spring element with axial and radial stiffness in Optistruct? Please Help? As per my understanding PBUSH element have K4,K5&K6 for rotation stiffness not axial stiffness. Please explain. Thanks Hemanshu
  22. Hello Sir, I am Sanjeev Kumar, currently pursuing my Mechanical Engineering from Pune University, India. Sir, we are working on a project based on Biomimetics of a butterfly. In this project, we have to analyze the motion of the butterfly while in motion. We have to perform CFD and crash analysis of the butterfly in Altair/LS Dyna as the one shown in the attached GIF.But we don't know this is possible in HyperWorks or not if not can we take help of Ls Dyna.because the major problem we are facing is how to apply motion to the wings of a butterfly and how to apply moving mesh to simulate this. If it is possible then please help me that how can we do this we are unable to find tutorials on the internet. Sir it would be great if you will help. Thanking you in anticipation With warm regards sanjeev kumar sanjeev110795@gmail.com 7030305737
  23. Hello sir please tell me in contact force curve on y -axis what component we have to select .
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