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Found 16 results

  1. Hi All If I assign a property to a set of elements that have already a property assigned, does the new property replace the older one ?
  2. Anybody can help me for creating scripts for below tasks- How to create properties and materials according to component name? How to assign it to respective component? Thanks!
  3. Hey, I used to have 4 properties (1 solid, 2 shell, 1 beam) in my model. My problem is, since shortly HM does not display them anymore. I can still see the beam property in the model explorer, but none of the other 3. Strange thing is, when I exported the solver deck, the properties have been written correctly to the keyword-file. As I tried to create the missing ones again, HM promted that properties with this name already exist. Has anyone else experienced this bug? Best Regards Gottfried
  4. Hello everyone, I am new to Hypermesh and have a question regarding the ZOFFS option. Also, as an understanding check, can you verify that I understand the hierarchy correctly: Understanding Check: The hierarchy is as follows Component, Property, Material, System, etc. Properties must have a Material assigned (to supply to the component) Properties must have an Element Type assigned (to supply to the component) Correct? Question: I cannot see the ZOFFs option in the Properties Card Edit. I have selected elements and assigned them their element types (CQUAD4 fo example). But when I go to add a ZOFF in the Property Card Edit window, the option does not show. From what I have read online, it seems it should show on the property Card Edit. It does however show if go to Element Card Edit, select elements, click "edit". Other info: I am using PSHELLS, assigned to the Property. I am in the Nastran profile. I want to make sure that I am setting everything up correctly. Thank you for your help!
  5. Hi, I want to create a tcl script that lists all the elements where the properties are assigned directly. Is there any way to do this? Thanks, Roshan
  6. Could you please advise me about property of welding element . I have to apply material property for welding element I can't find this value form the internet . Could you please help me
  7. Hello, I am discovering the OptiStruct solver and am doing a normal beam bending analyse, which does not work. Following error message comes: ERROR 14: Missing property # 1 referenced by CHEXA # 671 I've already searched for the problem, but was not able to find it. The property is created with the card image 'PSOLID' and associated to the component. I've also tried the card image PSHELL, but this did not work neither. The mesh is created with the 2D automesh and than the 3D element offset. Can someone help me to find a solution? Many thanks!
  8. HyperMeshのComparison機能を用いてメッシュ形状の比較は出来ますが、板厚やマテリアル情報なども含めて比較したい場合は、HVVH(HyperWorks Verification and Validation Harness)ツールを用いると便利です。 一般のテキストエディタの場合、記述行が違ったり、各値の右詰/左詰が異なるだけでも違いがあると判定されますが、今回ご紹介するツールを用いるとそれらを無視した比較が可能です。 なお、当機能の利用には、HyperWorks Desktop2017.2.3のアップデートが必要です。 ①Windowsのスタート⇒HyperWorks⇒Toolsから、HyperWorks Verification and Validation Harnessを起動します。 ②PVVタブ⇒FE Model⇒FE Model comparison機能で、各項目を設定します。 ③ボタンを押すと、比較が開始されます。 ④Model Compareに、Passと表示された場合は差分がありません。Failと表示された場合はFailボタンを押すと下図のように、差分が表示されます。
  9. How do I get the curve points for bi-linear material property for doing crash analysis in Radioss from following data for my AISI 4130 material E- 210 GPa UTS- 735 MPa Yield- 604 MPa Elongation in 50mm GL- 23.5%
  10. i am getting a error in shell property ?What can be the solution for this ? ERROR ID : 286 ** ERROR IN INPUT CONSISTENCY DESCRIPTION : QUAD ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH N2D3D=0
  11. Hi all, How come I get the section type of a property through tcl command. For details plz see the attached image. Thanks, Mahes
  12. Hello, I am a beginer with Altair softwares (v12.0). I am working on modelling the compression of a soft silicon (similar to the skin). I want to introduce viscosity in my model, so I chose a LAW42+prony serie (and I will try LAW82 too). But when I create a property for the silicon, there are lambda_v and mu_v (navier stokes viscosity). And the only thing I know for now is that its viscosity is 20,000-30,000cps. But I do not know what to set (even the unit recquired for those parameters... I am actualy [N mm g ms] system). Can you help me with this please? Furthermore, I do not know what to set for the minimum time step (dt_min). Thanks, Best. Corentin
  13. Hello guys, I'm currently trying to simulate a 3 point bending test to get the best material arrangement for high bending stiffness in a composite monocoque, while keeping the weight low. The laminate i strive for is a sandwich structure with an aramide honeycomb core in the centre and three plies of different material on top and on the bottom. These are the steps I did so far: 1) I created a CAD model, imported it to HyperMesh, organized the componets (specimen, impactor, support) and meshed them with 2D elements. 2) I created the materials. MAT1 for the impactor and the support of the 3 point bending test, MAT8 for the different plies and MAT9ORT for the honeycomb core. 3) After that I created the properties. PSHELL with an elementthickness of 2 for the impactor and support, PCOMPP for the plies and PSOLID with the honeycomb material for the core. 4) Then I created the different plies. 6 with the MAT8 material for the top and bottom layers and 5 with the MAT9ORT material for the core to get a total of 5 elements over the thickness of the core. The material type for all plies is ORTHOTROPIC. 5.1) I created a laminate with the 5 core plies and then did a "shell to solid conversion" with this laminate. After that I got a new component with 5 elements over the thickness. [5.2) In a second try I did the "shell to solid conversion" with the plies of the core which led to the same result as 5.1] 6) I assigned the PCOMPP property to the specimen elements, otherwise the laminate and layers weren't visible over 2D detailed element representation. 7) I updated the laminate with the other 6 plies. 8) Finally I created the load collectors and the load step, an output request for CSTRAIN and CSTRESS 9) I started OptiStruct to run the analysis. But after a few seconds i got these errors: *** ERROR 14: Missing MAT # 5 referenced by PLY # 7, (existing MAT with this ID is of incorrect type). *** ERROR 14: Missing MAT # 5 referenced by PLY # 8, (existing MAT with this ID is of incorrect type). *** ERROR 14: Missing MAT # 5 referenced by PLY # 9, (existing MAT with this ID is of incorrect type). *** ERROR 14: Missing MAT # 5 referenced by PLY # 10, (existing MAT with this ID is of incorrect type). *** ERROR 14: Missing MAT # 5 referenced by PLY # 11, (existing MAT with this ID is of incorrect type). *** Errors with missing, incorrect or duplicate IDs found 5 times. So when I got back to the model to check the properties, I wasn't sure if the PSOLID property and the MAT9ORT material are assigned to the plies in the laminate or to the new created component for the solids of the conversion. I want to get a laminate with from top to bottom: 3 layers of PCOMPP MAT8, the PSOLID MAT9ORT core and then 3 layers of PCOMPP MAT8 again. Is it even possible to creat such a laminate and if yes, in wich order should I assign the properties and creat the laminate?Or are there other ways to simulate this kind of sandwich structure in HyperMesh and OptiStruct? Here I uploaded the HM file so you can have a detailed look at my model: http://www.file-upload.net/download-10836303/3-point-bendingtest-setup-2.hm.html These are some screenshots of the different views on the model:By property, 2D detailed http://www.pic-upload.de/view-27981011/Forum-by_prop.png.htmlBy component, 2D detailed http://www.pic-upload.de/view-27981021/Forum-by_comp_2D.png.htmlBy component 2D traditional http://www.pic-upload.de/view-27981023/Forum-by_comp_1D.png.html I hope you get my problem and can help me fix it. Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi there, I'm having some issues with increasing values of hourglass energy. I'm conducting a 3-point bending impact simulation and every time I apply a non uniform mesh to the beam (more refined at the impact area) hourglass energy increases abruptly during initial impact. Any help on how to control this phenomenon? Thanks,
  15. Hi, I want to create a tcl script that lists all the elements where the properties are assigned directly. Is there any way to do this? Thanks, Roshan
  16. Hello Members, I'm looking forward for the script to assign the colour to property based on its thickness. Please help me out
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