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Found 362 results

  1. Im attaching the .rad and .out file. fullcar.hm_0000.out fullcar.hm_0000.rad
  2. Hello, I'm trying to create a simple model of a tensile test for composite material. I have data from a real tensile test and i want to compare the data of the force/strain diagramm with the simulation model. To realise that i tried to read the output data of the nodes with the /TH/NODE card for die displacement and the /TH/SECT card for die forces. My problem is that i don't get any data for the forces in the T01 file. The Question is now: Is my defintion for the cross section incorrecton? Greetings Eugen Tensile Test.rar
  3. Hello, I would like to know what kind of beam I should use for my simulation and I struggle to find the differences between the P18_INT_BEAM and the P3_beam. I saw that in bending, the bigger the deformation get, the bigger differences are between the two kinds of beam. Could somebody give me more informations about that ? Regards, Camille
  4. I am getting errors in RADIOSS when I tried to simulate the crash model that has been exported from HyperCrash. ERROR ID : 286** ERROR IN INPUT CONSISTENCYDESCRIPTION : QUAD ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH N2D3D=0 ERROR ID : 760** RADIOSS STOP DUE TO INPUT ERROR What would be the solution for these errors? I cannot share the model due to the confidential issues.
  5. 嗨, 我使用教程RD-3030模態進行沖擊分析使用Hypercrash radioss V14,然後我嘗試使用自己創建的模型,兩個模型都使用相同的設置,元素大小邊界條件等等,但作為圖如下所示,能量平衡顯示不同的尺度,我該如何解決這個問題呢? 感謝您的回复! 順便說一句,作為參考,我將引擎文件設置為動畫輸出頻率:0.001,時間歷史輸出頻率:1E-005。
  6. Hello everybody, I have some problems with stress initialization simulation of solid element: I'd like to do a simulation made of two step where the second step shall take into account strain and stress of first step. I have try to use \inista but there is something wrong because in second step, at first frame, the part have no stress. The procedure I have used is: - STEP I: /IOFLAG - eport solver deck from HyperView for the deformed shape - STEP II: /INISTA In attach the file .rad of simulation. Thank you in advance for your help! Marta CUBO_stepII_0000.out CUBO_stepII_0000.rad CUBO_stepII_0001.out CUBO_stepII_0001.rad CUBO_deformato.rad CUBO_stepI_0000.out CUBO_stepI_0000.rad CUBO_stepI_0000.sty CUBO_stepI_0001.out CUBO_stepI_0001.rad CUBO_stepI_0006.sty
  7. I'm trying to run an analysis in Radioss and I get an "Error ID 54". Together with some more errors and warning. I attach the .out file (complete) ERROR ID : 54 ** ERROR IN INPUT FORMAT DESCRIPTION : IN BLOCK : 581 588 589 590 591 592 593 594 595 596 Thanks for helping new_0000.out
  8. Hi, I've done a form simulation in Hyperform and I would like to import the .sta file in a new simulation made with radioss block, but when I run the second simulatio an error occours. The error is: ERROR ID : 1101 ** INPUT ERROR DESCRIPTION : CANNOT OPEN INCLUDE FILE SOLUTION : PLEASE CHECK IF INCLUDE FILE LIES IN THE DIRECTORY Could someone halp me? Thank you in advance
  9. Hi, Is it possible to apply an incremental load in Non-linear implicit analysis using optistruct? Regards, Arul
  10. Hi Everyone, I am working with Radioss. I use TYPE 7 and TYPE 2 contact for this model (You can see from an image below). I set the Engine file as shown in image below. In the beginning, Radioss run normally. But later found a problem, Time Step Less or Equal Zero Error. (Previous model, I set nodal time step in engine file less than zero but Radioss run normally.) Can anyone take a look into my model what's wrong. what change, I have to make. Thank you in advance.
  11. Hi, I could not able to find the sample for the following tutorial " RD-E: 5500 Fan Blade Rotation Initialization and Impact " using Radioss. Pls share if anyone has Regards, Arul
  12. Hello everyone, Greetings!! I have made seam weld elements between 2 components. Then I made tied contact (Type 2 contact) between these components by considering seam elements as master component. But when I ran the crash simulation mass of 720 kg was added in these seam elements, which made the entire mass of my crash sled 3.5 times heavier than the actual weight. I have to use tied 2 contact as I wanted to use the contact interface for spot welds. I cant omit DT/NODA/CST, otherwise my simulation time is increasing exponentially. Because of crash simulation, some elements are deforming to a very small length. Thanks in advance. Regards Nitin Jain
  13. Hello. I am working on the NL buckling of a composite panel (geometric NL implicit) and I successfully setup the model and ran the analysis within radioss after automatic conversion from the optistruct input. The problem is that although I specify I need 50 increments (NINC) with PW convergence criteria, the solution ALWAYS converges at 25 increments and of course the total buckling is not captured. Below is my NLPARM card from the .fem file. I am not specifying anything else in the NLPARM card or in any other cards. Can you please help? NLPARM 6 50 0.0 6 50 PW + 0.01 0.01 20 + 1.0 Thank you
  14. Hi, I am looking for the right PRE-PROCESSING TOOL and SOLVER to solve this problem. My problem is attached as a picture. Two plates are spot-welded. I assume top plate is excited by horizontal and vertical harmonic loading. I think Stick-slip phenomena appears due to friction between top plate and bottom plate and Slap phenomena appears due to vertical force. (slap phenomenon will occur in this system when the amplitude of the relative displacement is larger than the natural gap distance between the two plates.) RADIOSS is known as the best structural analysis solver for solving highly nonlinear problems under dynamic load conditions. Is it possible to obtain frequency response function of a system with nonlinear phenomenon by using (Hypermesh or Hypercrach) and RADIOSS ?
  15. Hi Everyone, I am working with Radioss. I use TYPE 7 contact for this model. I wanted to check whether my model is working regarding with displacement or stress result for my BCs. But after analysis result it shows nothing every displacement result is zero and low Stress (Can see animation in this link https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1jccvEqdd7xk5u3Zi_QyirAPrZYkpptGM). Before created this topic, I learnt RD-T3530 and RD-T3595. Can anyone take a look into my model whats wrong or what change I have to make. Thank you in advance. Animation : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1jccvEqdd7xk5u3Zi_QyirAPrZYkpptGM Regards, Salaya
  16. After the radioss analysis .rst files are created but there are no .h3d files. Then, I am not able to view my results in Hyperview. Does anyone know this? Thank you for helping! 
  17. Hi, I downloaded the neon model from Altair University and tried reducing it to below 100,000 nodes to use it with a student edition. However, I am facing an issue with the engine file. The engine run just doesn't start. The engine run seems to begin with the Software titles and then these lines appear. ROOT: test RESTART: 0001 NUMBER OF HMPP PROCESSES 8 14/02/2019 ==== End of solver screen output ==== ==== Job completed ==== I am attaching the file where I am facing this issue. Any hint on what's wrong? I was also trying to create a few sections. They might have gone wrong but even if I delete those problematic entities, this file just doesn't run. neon_front_0001.rad neon_front_0000.rad
  18. I I found this problem many times. I am not sure that happen because of the boundary conditions or anything else. And I imported model Optistruct file in Radioss solver, Is it ok or not? Thank you for helping!
  19. Hello all , I have created a laminate with around 28 plys and now I want to reflect the laminate and also the plys, what is the best way to do it? Thanks
  20. Now you can download the PDF format of Radioss Reference Guide, User Guide and Tutorial from this Forum. RADIOSS_2017_Reference_Guide.pdf RADIOSS_2017_Tutorials_and_Examples.pdf RADIOSS_2017_User_Guide.pdf
  21. Hi, I have a question about boundary condition setting for this work. Assume this is a chassis of truck and fixed. 1) How to set contact between surface and surface? 2) How to fixed? I need to applied load to this plate with 0-100kN in 5 sec of time 3).How to applied? I tried the example but don't understand. I make this with myself don't have adviser. I would like you to help me, Thank you.
  22. Hi, can someone share the model files of RD-E: 5400 Cut Methodology from Radioss example guide? The files were supposed to be in the following folder, however no such folder in my installation directory.
  23. ビーム要素では軸力のほか曲げ、ねじり、せん断が働きます。要素の局所座標では、長さ方向がX軸ですが、Y軸を決めるために要素外の第3節点を指定します。       そのプロパティ/PROP/BEAMでは、断面積および断面2次モーメントを定義します。材料則では、トラスト同様、弾性(/MAT/LAW1)と弾塑性(/MAT/LAW2)のみ用いる事が出来ます。弾塑性材料を用いる場合、その降伏判定は、その断面力から直接、 により、判定されます。         ビーム要素ではこれとは別に、断面上に複数の積分点を設け、それぞれの位置と積分点が代表する面積を指定する事で、実際の断面形状を模擬する、積分型ビーム/PROP/INT_BEAMも用意されています。こちらのビーム要素では、降伏判定は積分点毎に行われ、それらの応力から断面力が計算されます。材料則では、弾性(/MAT/LAW1)と弾塑性(/MAT/LAW2)に加え、表形式の弾塑性(/MAT/LAW36)も用いる事が出来ます。         
  24. 自由度数の2乗で演算量が増えて行く陰解法とは異なり、陽解法では自由度数に比例してしか演算量は増えないため。陽解法のモデル化では、簡略化するのでは無く、シェルやソリッドで出来るだけ忠実に形状を再現して解こう、という文化がありますが、やはりトラスやビームのような1次元の要素で簡易的にモデル化したい、という場合もあります。 このため、使える材料則等、機能は限られますが、トラスやビーム要素も用意されています。 トラス要素は、2節点でその長さ方向を定義する軸力だけが作用する一定断面の要素です。そのプロパティ/PROP/TRUSSで断面積を定義します。材料則では弾性(/MAT/LAW1)と弾塑性(/MAT/LAW2)のみ用いる事が出来ます。
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