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Found 17 results

  1. Hello everyone. i want to do fatigue analysis on our product using optistruct as a solver, my loading condition is sinusoidal, or cosine wave function, but i am not able create .cvs file (no of cycle vs load file) which is required in FATDATA cared image, please guide me how can i create the .cvs file (no of cycle vs load).and what formula used create the .cvs file. regards NOOR ALAM
  2. How i can model a spring element with axial and radial stiffness in Optistruct? Please Help? As per my understanding PBUSH element have K4,K5&K6 for rotation stiffness not axial stiffness. Please explain. Thanks Hemanshu
  3. Hello, As we can perform steady state or transient heating phenomena through optistruct, Is it possible to perform cooling phenomena also ? I tried in many way but results are not up to mark. As i thinked cooling of outer layer will be higher then inner layer will cool slowly & max temp should be in the mid, & temp should decrease exponentially according to theory...and all... But nothing simulated like that One of fem file which i tried, uploading here. Plz help if u know. This is what i got. I defined temp loading only for 10 sec, total sim time is 300 sec. just after 10 sec whole block temp is equal to surrounding temp (in my case i defined 300 K) Box.h3d Box.hm Box.out Box.fem
  4. Greetings, In Thermal stress analysis if i don't put any constraint then stress should be zero but still i'm getting stress value. Can anyone explain ? The related file are attached. coffee_lid.hm coffee_lid.h3d
  5. GoodMorning Sir n Mam In Hyperview Contour panel there are number of ways to find result(e.g by changing averaging method, by changing layers, by resolved in). A have a doubt that how do I predict for particular element, this particular combination of averaging method, layer and resolved in is perfect.
  6. Hi Everyone Is it possibility of fatigue analysis in optistruct. if possible please help me by tutorial and fatigue analysis user guide. Regards Noor Alam
  7. Hello, I have one assembly where, coolant is flowing (with some pressure / velocity) through a hole drawn in the solid heated plate, Can we calculate the heat transfer from the heated plate and the coolant(i.e. cooling rate of the heated plate) cfd1.bmp
  8. Hello Sir, (This question arises from the development of the draw surface) If process has sequence as follows: 1. Blanking process 2. First Draw process 3. OD trimming process 4. Re-strike process ....as in one-step we get the flat blank from any draw/forming tool, as the same process can we get the blank input (blank with draw shape) for the re-strike tool from the first draw tool (i.e. input blank for re-strike based upon first draw operation) Please share if any another process sequence / video explaining regarding the same.
  9. Hello, I'm currently working on topological optimization using the optistruct solver, but sometimes I have to import a file (.nas) on hypermesh that already contains the optimization job, the problem is that the moment I import the file (.nas) in hypermesh it has many errors that appears and when I validate and I chose to export the file with optistruct, I find that the file export does not contain the optimization cards the question what do I have to do for these optimization cards to appear in the export file? Best.
  11. I am working on a component where I have to constrain one end of the model only in Rotational. . and those constraints should be locally defined( planar constrain). Pls find the attached image. The black highlighted face area has to get constrained to that local plane only in rotational. pls guide in this regard, Thanks, Nagaraj
  12. Hello Sir, Please guide me for the following aspects in hot forming process: 1) which type of meshing & its size is required for the blank? 2) For the forming process, please elaborate complete process setup for the hot forming? 3) Please share any tutorial video for the setup as well as for results explanation of hot forming process.
  13. Hello sir, sir i am trying to simulate one problem in radioss in which a bird hits a glass plate but i am not getting any result.i am attaching .hm file please help in in solving this problem.Thank you monu kumar bird_impact.hm
  14. I am performing a drop test in which i want Global Energy curves & contact forces graph. I have performed it but the internal vs kinetic energy graph is not getting plotted.As both point (blue & red) are stable. please suggest solution for my mistake.
  15. Hello sir I’m working on a structural transient analysis and I’m facing some doubts. I kindly request for your suggestion. Similar to OS-1315: Modal Transient Dynamic Analysis of a Bracket Input: I’m working on the bracket which is of 2mm thickness. Constrain and excitation is at the same point of location(bolt connection) Acceleration 50g Nominal shock duration = 11ms nominal shock shape = half sine In OptiStruct: In TIME STEP load collector i have used N=100 and increment=0.00011 (I have considered 100 steps for the time of 0.011seconds) In TABLED1 load collector i have assigned x1=0 ,y=0, x2=0.0055, y=50, x3=0.011,y=0 In SPCD load collector i have assigned x=9810 (applying only along x direction) In TLOAD1 load collector i have used Type=Acceleration Please let me know whether the input i have assigned is right are not. Regards Vinay
  16. what is the error in my model, I am unable to find out. Please help me in this. I have attached .hm file A fatal error has been detected during input processing: *** See next message about line 14792 from file: C:/Users/Sanjeev/Desktop/sam/transient/with vanes.fem "DLOAD 12 1.0 7 1.0 8 1.0 9" *** ERROR # 1000 *** in the input data: Incorrect data in field # 3. with vanes.hm
  17. How does the contact force curve look like in crash analysis. can anyone share with me correct contact force curve of any crash analysis.
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