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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I have converted a LS Dyna file into radioss and on conversion I am seeing some mass getting entered into the rbody of radioss. There are lareg on of rbodies and I want to make mass zero for available in element card edit option. How can I set it zero to the compete rbodies in one go
  2. Hi, I am trying to add mass to a sphere rigid body by adding GRAV load. Because I used shell elements to represent this rigid sphere so the volume is not true. Could you please tell me how to specify mass for this rigid body? Tks
  3. Dear All, I have imposed time vs disp curve as a loading. but getting reaction force value= 6.9 KN at time =0 sec at first frame, and at second frame t=0.001sec value is showing 8N then after increase in next frames it is showing linear increase in reaction force from 8N to 1KN. My question is, why the value of rection force is high at time =0
  4. LKZ

    Rigid Body

    @George P Johnson Do you know how OptiStruct set the rigid body? I want to use rigid body to compare with my RBE2 in same model.
  5. Hello, I am working on crash analysis of a truck chassis on radioss. In my crash analysis project till day I have been connecting two components using the 1D spotweld panel. I just wanted to know if I am doing it right. I go to the 1D spot weld panel, and I choose the nodes of the edge one component and then I select both components. I use re mesh option and create. I wanted to know if this method is good? One thing I have noticed is that after creating the RBODY, my mesh gets changed and lot of elements fail because of the re mesh option I use. I also get like 1000's of warnings after I run my model on RADIOSS (attached picture). I wanted to know whether the technique I am using is a good practice or is there is any better way for the same. Thank you, Datta
  6. Long story and potentially many questions in the same post but all related to the same issue and I ned help! I can't seem to understand how my kjoint2 spherical connection between 2 RBODY is behaving. What I am trying to model is a suspension ball joint in Radioss and I want the rotation to be limited to a certain maximum angle in ANY direction from vertical (creating a conical shaped limit envelop). I created a simple problem to resolve my issues but it doesn't seem to work. I cerated 2 node reference systems in such a way that they move together and that their Z axis is always coaxial. I then limited my kjoint2 in Saz- and Saz+ to ±1 rad but it does not behave as desired. When I plot my TH/spring, I can see that RZ of my spring DOES respect the 1 rad angle limit. But this does not make sense with the visual behavior and the true angle that I can plot in Hyperview that cleary goes over 1 rad. Also Rx and Ry are showing rotation which again does not make sence with the visual behavior. Any help to resolve this is appreciated! Thanks All my simple model files: Radioss_BJ_angle_V19.zip
  7. Hello everyone, I define a rigid body by selecting three components as slave nodes and the primary node is selected as calculated node. An initial velocity and gravity load were wanted to be imposed. I tried, but it didn't work. So I want to know how to impose initial velocity and gravity load on rigid body correctly? And how to select the master node of the rigid body? Best Wishes! Roy Duan
  8. Hi, Is there any difference between rbody and rbe2 element in radioss. Both of them belong to family of rigid elements and for rbody we have option for providing mass and inertia which I think is not there in rbe 2 element. Also which is generally used for providing the connections like weld etc. in an assembly. One more thing is how to go for making a global rigid body from a multiple rigid bodies. As this causes node dependency, kindly let me know about the technique for making the same. Also how to provide a sensor or rbody off for based on any time condition.
  9. Dear all, I have a problem defining the right connection between a rigid and a spring (please find a picture attached). I want to design a simultaneous movement of a Part by rotation around global zero and translation along a spring (translational KJOINT). My Problem is how to connect SPRING2N and RBODY to ensure no relative movement in the connection point. Also attached is a test-model of the problem. Thanks so much! Best regards Kerschten Test01_0000.rad Test01_0001.rad
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