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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone! I have a mesh of RVE with symmetric opposite surfaces. My goal is to make Periodic Boundary Condition (PBC) for this model. The problem is - My mesh (nodes) is not symmetric on opposite surfaces. Is there any tool to remesh the model to get symmetric nodes on opposite surfaces? Attached model below. Thank you! RVE_PBC_REMESH.hm
  2. After making a modification to the design space definition of a component in my model, this resulted in changes to the solid geometry of the affected part and therefore surfaces separating the design space from non-design space could be removed and the associated surface edges could be suppressed. As a result, the component originally meshed as 2 solids (one for the design space and the other for the non-design space) now needs to be meshes as one solid. This specific part, however, shares faces with other components in the model that have already been meshed using tetras. In order to remesh the targeted component, while ensuring connectivity between the newly created elements and the pre-existing surrounding elements I attempted to extract the faces of tetra mesh where on the faces shared between the existing meshed solids and the part that I am looking to remesh. I am essentially left with a solid part that has a 2D mesh of TRIAS established on certain faces will others remain unmeshed. I want to automesh these remaining faces ad use a Volume Tetra to map the solid bounded by the surfaces.How do I do this while ensuring there is connectivity between the newly meshed faces and the pre-existing mesh,
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm performing shape optimization on a part, and I've run into the issue where after about 8-10 iterations the solver stops with the error of excessive element distortion. I've set the REMESH control card to 1 as suggested here: http://www.altairuniversity.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/REMESH_opti_control.pdf . However, when I do this the solver does iteration 0, outputs the excessive mesh distortion error, says that I have a feasible design (no stress constraints violated in the original part), gives me the "***** END OF REPORT *****" message, then says it's starting the remesh. It then proceeds to run the remesh on one core (I have 8) and takes forever (it's still running after an hour, but with very little RAM usage). Is this what's supposed to happen or am I doing something wrong? What I don't get is why it now says there is an excessive element distortion on iteration 0. Thanks! **Update: So the remesh finally finished (after about 2 hours) and the solver reloaded, but gave the following error: *** See next message about line 7281 from file: Shape_Opt_04_rmsh001.fem "SURF 2ELFACE" Syntax error(s) found in bulk data 'SURF' card. I have two contact surfaces in the model, not sure if that's the issue, as in the .fem file this line is right near the definition of the contact surface.
  4. Hi, I need to remesh a model of a structure containing a lot of panels with stringers. When I use the "automesh" tool I can only control the mesh of the panels but the stringers (bars) don't change. For example, my initial stringer is between the nodes 1 and 2, but when i remesh the panel, the stringer is between the nodes 1 and 4, and i need the stringer to be all along the panel, so it should be one bar between 1 and 2, another between 2 and 3 , and finally another between 3 and 4. How can I do this? Thanks.
  5. Hello dear Forum users, Below is an interesting simulation result of our AFDEX logo using AFDEX. Cheers from Support team.
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