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Found 13 results

  1. Hi. At a recent Flux conference, I heard that SimLab has very interesting tools for viewing a mesh and I was hoping to use it to observe the meshing of the air in my 3D models, which is an absolute pain in Flux itself. Is there any documentation on how I can open my meshed geometry from Flux in SimLab? Thank you in advance! Romain
  2. Hi, I am trying to run a simple SimLab script in Batch mode on Linux environment. I am getting the error: "hwx: cannot connect to X server". Following is the command that I am issuing - $SIMLAB_SH_FILE -auto fe_modelling_simlab.py -nographics & Is there any parameter that I am missing in the command ? Or is it that GUI environment is required for running SimLab in batch mode? Thanks, Roshan
  3. Hi, I was trying to script meshing of bodies with a common sub-string in their names. I can use the below utility. But I cant figure out, how to use the variable in solid meshing syntax? Simlab Utility - var SubString1=["Bolt*"]; var EntitiesName29358=[]; SimLabUtility.GetBodiesWithSubString(SurfaceBodyName, SubString1, EntitiesName29358); Solid Meshing Code - I am trying something like this, but this doesnt works. //SurfaceBodyName is a variable storing model name var SolidMesh=' <VolumeMesher UUID="83822e68-12bb-43b9-b2ac-77e0b9ea5149">\ <tag Value="-1"/>\ <Name Value="VolumeMesher1"/>\ <SupportEntities>\ <Entities>\ <Model>'+SurfaceBodyName+'</Model>\ <Body>'+EntitiesName29358+'</Body>\ </Entities>\ </SupportEntities>\ <MeshType Value="Tet10"/>\ <AverageElemSize Value="3.5"/>\ <MaxElemSize Value="Default" Checked="0"/>\ <InternalGrading Value="2"/>\ <MinQuality Value="0.07"/>\ <LinearQuality Value="2"/>\ <MaxQuality Value="1"/>\ <QuadMinQuality Value="0.001"/>\ <QuadQuality Value="0"/>\ <QuadMaxQuality Value="1"/>\ <CadBody Value="0"/>\ <AdvancedOptions>\ <MeshDensity Value="0"/>\ <CreateVol Value="1"/>\ <Assembly Value="0"/>\ <PreserveFaceMesh Value="2"/>\ <MeshAsSingleBody Value="1"/>\ <Retain2DSurfaceBodies Value="0"/>\ <PreserveSurfaceSkew Value="55" Checked="0"/>\ </AdvancedOptions>\ </VolumeMesher>'; Simlab.Execute(SolidMesh); How to use the variable in place of body names?
  4. Hi all, I am running a script in simlab using batch mode but after the operation is completed, simlab automatically opens up the graphical window. Everytime i need to close it manually after execution. I am using simlab 2017. This is my .bat file content >> SET CAE_HOME="C:/Program Files/Altair/2017/SimLab2017" SET PROJECT_DIR="D:/vipin" %CAE_HOME%\SimLab.bat -auto %PROJECT_DIR%\createMesh.py –nographics what could be the reason?
  5. Hi, When I am trying to automate meshing in SimLab for .slb file, it is asking for Geom file (.x_t) which is kept in same folder as .slb and even .slb file contains only Geometry (imported CAD from the same parasolid file). Now, I am left with two option - 1. Either automating >> directly importing parasolid file. > Renaming each component and then meshing. (which is more time consuming than 2nd option). 2. Importing .slb file >> giving Geom file > then meshing. (lesser time consuming than 1st ) But the problem with second option is, I dont know how to auto feed Geom file, initially only or in code. If this whole process runs in graphic mode, it will pause and ask to select Geom file. But, if it is nographics (batch mode) the simlab goes non responding, until it is killed by task manager.
  6. Hi, I run a script in simlab (Project-->Autoplay-->Script) after importing the parasoild into it. But as the script meshes the bodies, cmd window pop ups for each activity (like meshing). Can i run this script in background using batch and avoid such pop ups? If yes, Please guide !!!
  7. 節点を要素エッジ上をスライドするように移動させるには、FEM>>MoveのElement Edgeを使用します。要素エッジと移動させる節点を選択し、Maximum distanceに移動距離を入力するか、あるいは、スライドバーをドラッグします。
  8. I can create a macro to record a process of creating solid pretension on a bolt. But i wish to run that macro on different bolts of different length and different position in coordinate system. Basically completely different bolts. For that i need to define different planes for each bolt. And i can define planes by using face groups by using one of the simlab utility functions. But i cant figure out a way to incorporate that utility function to create planes in the macro that i have recorded. Attached image for better understanding. I wish to insert the variables "PlanePoint1, PlanePoint2, PlanePoint3", which i get from utility function into the place of numerical value of "PointA" and so on. Is it possible?
  9. Dear all, Please do register for the webinar on September 27th, 2017 (Wednesday) at 11 AM Headlamp modeling in SimLab and CFD analysis using AcuSolve Register on the link below: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/8360683504294244097 Regards, Kamlesh
  10. Greetings, i want to do a topology optimization for heat transfer with Simlab cause of my master thesis. To sum up my general content of my thesis: There should be a topology optimization of an electronic housing for better heat transfer to the ambient. The housing will be manufactured by additive methods (SLM). First i am trying to build some simple models to test the general form of the results and to check my constraints. For this i built a model, the topology optimization is already done (picture): On the top plain is a heat flow given and on the lower plain a constant temperature. I used Optistruct with steady state heat flow, default material parameters/optimization parameters. Objective function to minimize is the thermal complaince while keeping the mass fraction of the design area betweeen both top and bottom plains under a specific value (e.g 0.2). Design area has the shape of an pyramid with cutted top. I want to generate structures which evenly transfer the heat from a small area(top) to a wide area (bottom). This result picture (opened with hyperview, last iteration and showing iso lines of the element density) shows that the aspect of reducing the mass working but the structure seems not to spread the heat evenly. Which constraints i need to adjust to get the intended results? Two other questions: Is it not possible to generate a material with anisotropic heat conductive? And how to extract the generated topology as a stl, step or other file to load it into a CAD Software. At the end i need to put in these topologies into the housing. Thanks for your help!
  11. Hi, I have created few small scripts in SimLab which I execute using "Project --> Play --> Autoplay" . Is it possible to create custom plugins or buttons in SimLab GUI to run scripts? Thanks, Roshan
  12. Attached PPT contains the tests to be done to verify the Creo configuration in SimLab. SimLab_Creo_Configuration_Test.pptx
  13. DEAR ALL, Now i am using SIMLAB 14.3. upgraded from 14.0. in SIMLAB 14.0 version, i can change the mouse settings by [ Edit--> preference--> system--> mouse settings--> hypermesh] BUT in SIMLAB 14.3 Version, i cant find the EDIT OPTION. so i dont know how to change the mouse setting. i want to use hypermesh mouse settings in SIMLAB. which is convenient for me. so could anyone please help me to solve this.? thanks in advance. best regards. Guru
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