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Found 25 results

  1. Hi, I've been trying to run a CFD simulation using the Hypermesh solver, however, I always get the same error (ERROR: error occurred executing acuPrep) and I don´t know what it means. Can anyone tell me why this happens and how to fix it? Thanks.
  2. Hi, Just wonder if the code for flux3d is written in parallel processing? Which mean if I install the software in cluster will speed up the computation time? Best regards, Jerome.
  3. I did some research and saw on Altair Documentation that both Linear and Nonlinear models are solved by Direct Methods, Boeing Solver for linear static and MUMPS solver for nonlinear static, My understanding, and what I see on my .out file, is that nonlinear models are solved iteratively instead of direct as documentation suggests; So, my next questions are: 1) NonLinear quasiStatic is solved in an iterative or direct method? 2) What does the documentation mean that the default solver for non linear static uses a direct solver? Thank you!
  4. Hi, I tried to run the incremental radioss solver. I gave all the parameters and then when I run the solver, I get the following error that 'Restart file 1_0000.0001.rst was not created' and 'Missing normal termination in output file 1_0000.out'. I have attached with the screenshot of the error. Kindly help me in providing a solution as early as possible. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello Altair-Forum, it's my first topic in this forum, I really don't know what to do anymore. No matter which model I want to run with Radioss (independent of simulation type, in this case impact tutorial of two tubes), I'm always getting the error message from the picture: **ERROR : CANNOT EXECUTE RADFLEX_2017 OR RADFLEX_2017 NOT FOUND As another topic in this forum suggested, I already tried to find the RADFLEX-file in the hwsolvers folder in my install directory, but I can't find it. OptiStruct-Solvers are still functioning perfectly. I already ran the simulation for the model-document in the attached files a week ago, and it worked out fine. But right now there seems to be this error which I cannot explain to myself. I'm working with HyperWorks 2017 Desktop, a Student Version, since three months. I'm thankful for any help in advance! 02_Pipe_Impact.zip
  6. CQUAD4 element number 6232 references a missing property ID 1 or uses property of incorrect type for this element type. Error # 14 appeared total of 132 times.
  7. Hi all, I want to analyse kinematics of rotating elements in the bearing 1. when inner ring is fixed and outer is Rotating, 2. when outer ring is fixed and inner is Rotating, Effect of RMP on rolling elements in terms of deformation and contact stresses is the major objective. loading condition is given in following image. please revert with suitable solver for the same. Regards, M Ganesh.
  8. I have a model that runs static analysis in Radioss, which is now required for Acoustic analysis. How do I transfer my model from Radioss-2017 to Optistruct-2017 without disturbing the card images and control card data?
  9. hello guys i want to ask why warning is show? warning 594 in cadfeko? and warning 16328 in postfeko?
  10. Hello everybody, I am conducting a spring design analysis using Hyperworks (Hypermesh, Radioss, Hyperstudy, Hyperview). For the moment, I already have a database of previous analysis done by previous researchers. After I ran one simulation using the same input parameters as the previous study, I noticed that I obtained a slightly different results. So my question is, is it possible to have a different result despite having the same input parameters? Is there any result consistency with regard to the Radioss solver? What could possibly go wrong? BR, Hanif
  11. Hi dear users, I'm trying to complete the tutorial one can find in the E-Learning section from the connect.altair.com site. The exercise I'm doing is 1a: Topology Optimization of a Control Arm from the course "Introduction to OptiStruct for Structural Optimization Class". When I click OptiStruct to run Optimization after having defined the whole parameters (Design Variables, Response, Objective, Constraints) it appears this error: "Error during processing AIF files. AIF disabled." Somebody of you could help me please how I can resolve this problem? I've looked for a long time through internet and I can't get at least one close idea about it. Thanks
  12. Hello, I have a plastic part subjected to heated air and I want to simulate the thermal expansion (no CFD required, just a simplified thermal expansion with temperature inputs is sufficient). I am using HyperMesh for pre and post processing and my solver is Abaqus. I have no idea how to do this, already tried the Joule heating solver, static solver, explicit solver, etc always get some errors which has no meaning intuitively. Can anybody tell me how to go ahead with this? If there is a tutorial or a pdf on this topic what would be very helpful.
  13. Good morning I have a problem with the solver. The problem is that it does not appear nothing in the solver, after checking the elements it says "job completed", as you can see in the following picture. I attach you the file. Regards Aernnova_28_04_tras_loads.fem Aernnova_28_04_tras_loads.fem
  14. Hi, Need clarification regarding FRF Analysis in Optistruct. What is the difference by applying excitation in two different cases? For example we need to apply 1g excitation. How to apply in below cases? Case 1 - Using RBE2/RBE3 Case 2 - Separate Regards, Arul
  15. Hi, Can somebody tell me how to decide which solver type to use when exporting a file in AcuSolve? Thanks.
  16. Dear all, We are trying to run a very heavy model, non-linear analysis (slide contact + pretension) and quite a lot of elements. It keeps giving us an error of not enough memory for the mumps solver. We are running on a machine with 4 cores and 64 Gb Ram. We tried all the options, (core in, core out, fixlen, len, etc..) but same error! Is there a way to tell optistruct to use all the available ram and then use the hard drive for the rest? Or do you now of a better way to avoid this error message, and let the simulation run, even if it is going to do few days to run? Many thanks in advance for any response and for your help and valuable time.
  17. Dear all, A month ago , i am using OPTISTRUCT solver to conduct Normal mode analysis. we have changed the solver from Nastran to opitstruct. so i have few questions. 1.with using one optistruct license, is it possible to do multi tasking. ( Means, to conudct two or more analysis at a time). 2. is it possible to increase the speed of analysis. because i can see the cores & processors option. 3. Any import tips or tricks to ease the analysis process. if you guys know the answer for any of the above question. please do let me know.
  18. Hi, Can you kindly help me with evaluating the result file. How do I get the .res files? Or how can I evaluate the results without that file. Also, it would be of great help if you could help me with the procedure for adding or editing the FLC curve (forming limit curve) for the material. The tutorial says it has an option for FLC under the setup tool. But I could not find that option in the setup menu. I am using the Hyperform 2017 version. Kindly help me as soon as possible. Thank you again.
  19. Hi all, I got my script to start an optistruct run with the following lines: exec "C:/Program Files/Altair/13.0/hwsolvers/scripts/optistruct.bat" G:/DC43Workspace/Multicopter/FEM/OpistructInput.fem & exec "C:/Program Files/Altair/13.0/hwsolvers/scripts/optistruct.bat" G:/DC43Workspace/Multicopter/FEM/OpistructInput.fem & where the second path points to the file which gets imported. BUT: The whole process is running in the background and I can not monitor its progress. So I would like to know if there is a way to start it with the graphical interface. It is like the script behind the green button in the menu "optistruct". PLUS: Is there a way to transfer parameters like -nproc 4 or -len ? Thanks in advance and best regards, Merula
  20. Sir, What if I do all preprocessing for a forming setup in any one of the HyperForm userprofiles and I want to export it to Abaqus Explicit Solver deck? Can I do that? I tried, however I found everything (material, loads, etc.) empty except for the parts (meshed instances) in Abaqus CAE- View Model GUI.
  21. hello, is there any possibility in Flux to make a queueing system for the computations of different models? For example I want to compute 2 different models with high computing times. First I want to compute the first one and after that the second one. Is there any queueing system like this in flux or have I to do it on my on? Thanks.
  22. Hi All Is it possible to import Abaqus ODB results in Hyperworks, to continue solving the problem if Abaqus has not that solver for example?
  23. Hi , I am unable to solve MotionView files using ADAMS Solver . As specified in the Tutorial I am following these steps . 1. Change solver mode to ADAMS . 2.Save and run current model . 3. says " you must have connected the ADAMS solver to the run button in the motionview interface through the preferences file" - this step is unclear . Please instruct on the same . 4. We are unable to select "Altair_Executable" for script . Please give our insight on this problem .
  24. Is it possible to define the contact ( surface to surface , single surface contact) between components in vibration analysis ( Modal , FRF) in optistruct?
  25. HI All, I am running a crash analysis. I have no external force applied to my model except initial velocity and gravity. the model is set to impact on a rigidwall Will the External Forces Work remains constant or increase or decrease?? THANKS in Advance Regards, SUBHU
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