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Found 5 results

  1. Hi , in current situation we all are working from home with remote desktop to access office machine and work on Hypermesh. We are facing issues with each single hypermesh commands.Its very slow. Do Altair team has some solution to this? Or any reason behind this? Regards, Mayur
  2. Hi, I need to carry out frequency response analysis with operating speed. There is no force and I have only speed in rpm as input. How to specify this in Optistruct instead of using SPCD/DAREA card?
  3. Hello All, I am currently running a non linear simulation that requires around 25hrs of computing time on a 16 cores machine. It's got 300000 elements. Radioss adjust the timestep automatically and reduces to something around 4e-4s. I therefore need around 2500 time steps to converge. The problem I am trying to solve is something similar to a beam in bending ( I do need non-linear) and my requirement is to find the static deformed shape (not a dynamic case, it will converge to a steady result). I have tried explicit but timestep is 1e-9s and it would take 175days to converge... Are there any tricks/ideas that could be used to speed up the convergence? Thanks, NR
  4. Submitted by murthyakella on Fri, 05/04/2012 - 16:58 Hi, I am not getting correct results using "eQEP" and "QEP Speed Calculator" blocks. Firstly, I am not to able to obtain the "QE (electrical angle theta)" viz. the input of "QEP Speed Calculator" from "QPosCnt" output of the "eQEP" block. To do, I tried using the example block "encoder to electrical angle" from the example "pmsm32sim.vsm" which is located under "Embedded-->Examples-->Digital Motor Control--> PMSM". However, during the simulation, I get conversion error/warnings. And during the debug mode, I get "theta" value always as zero. Could anyone tell me where I am making the mistake? I am including the encoder diagram along with its implementation in a motor control. Note that QPSCNT does work. Also change in QPoscnt of my encoder for one revolution is 256. Finally, I have a quick question about low pass cut-off frequency uses for "QEP Speed Calculator" block. What are the guidelines in chosing this value (or is it just by trail-and-error)? How do I define this parameter such that I get correct values for all posible speeds? I appreciate any help with this. Thanks in advance. Regards, Murthy Encoder 1 Implementation -deb.vsm Encoder 1 Implementation.vsm Encoder Signals 1.vsm
  5. Hi, I use Evolve 2017.1 on my current iMac 4 GHz Intel Core i7 with AMD Radeon R9 M290X 2048 MB. I plan to upgrade to iMac pro, but as I was told in a previous topic, I will not gain any particular advantage graphic-wise, since the new iMac Pro is not equipped with a NVIDIA card and CUDA. You could say the same on my current iMac that, as the iMac Pro, use the Radeon card...as I understand it the rendering and construction is mostly done by the CPU. Is it then fair to say, that an upgrade from my current iMac to the iMac Pro WOULD give me some speed, since I get more CPU power and more cores?
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