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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, I am trying to assign a failure criteria based on strain. For example, I want to be able to remove or replace the material properties of elements that reach 0.9% strain, or do the same thing when the principal strain of an element exceeds 10000 microstrain (these figures are from literature). The MATF card only takes stresses. How can I implement these strain-based criteria? Thanks.
  2. Hi Everyone, I am writing a script to export all the data from a simulation into text files. I however encounter a problem when I try to export stresses, strains and state variables: expected integer but got "". The script is based on the one from here. What am I missing? Thanks, cedev b-full_185_elast_curing.h3d ExportDisp_mod.tcl
  3. Hi there, I've run a simulation of the chassis of a car through Optistruct in Hyperview, and there were no errors and everything seemed to run well. However, upon loading into Hyperview, I am unable to view the contour plots for stress/strain/displacement and the four subcases. I am expecting to get a model like Image 1, however am getting image 2. It is as if there are no loads applied to the chassis. If anyone is able to view the model (file attached) and perhaps indicate where I am going wrong it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Chassis_scaled_newI.hm
  4. What is the meaning and significance of Plastic strain (s) and von Mises (t) strain? What is the difference between the two?
  5. Hi there, I want to get the strain analysis in hyperview for Radioss. Please guide me. What cards do I need to add in my .hm file and what is to be added in output block. I want to get principle strains, von mises strains and compressive and tensile strains in my model Sincerely Surya
  6. Hello everybody, I am doing research work with Altair and optistruct solver optimizing a carbon fiber laminate. In this research I would like to give a quick overview over theoretical basics of laminate theory. Therefre I was wondering, if I could track somehow the calculating of the programm.For example, I would like to show the inputs in the ABD-Matrix as well the transformations of the uni stiffness in stiffnes for each layer. Is there any possibility, to show and get this information? Kind regards Dean
  7. After tensile test simulation I am getting the value of plastic strain. while stress strain curve also have the value of elastic strain. so how can I plot complete stress strain curve after tensile test simulation.
  8. I ran a simulation with a non linear material ( Having a stress strain curve data upto its ultimate tensile stress). In the simulation results, the von mises stress exceeds the limit of stress I have entered in the curve data. What is happening here? Is the software extrapolating from the data OR assuming zero resistance from the regions where the von mises stress has exceeded the ultimate limit.
  9. Greetings Forum Members, I am writing to understand the various result options (especially in stresses and strains) available in Optistruct (or any solver) Post-processing. Usually everyone follows the industry thumb rule of looking at VonMises stresses, Displacement (Mag) and Plastic Strain or equivalent plastic strain. But there are a lot of other result options available but many never seem to use it. I have attached screen shots of the some of the various result options (Stresses and Strains) available below:- Could anyone Kindly go through the above results options and explain the differences between them also establish a understanding of when to use them. For example, 1) what is the difference between VonMises, VonMises (Z1), VonMises (Z2), VonMises (mid). What does the Z1, Z2 and Mid imply? 2) what is the difference between P1 Major Z1, P1 Major Z2, P1 Major Mid and P1 Minor ? Even a simple answer in simplistic terms would suffice. Also kindly share any reference material available in understanding the results? What to look for after the analysis has been completed? Thank you. Best Regards, Bharat Pinapati
  10. Hello, I have corroborated that Von Mises STRESS is output considering this formula, with principal stresses What formula does hypermesh uses for strain? Thank you!
  11. Hi there, When defining the stress-strain curve for the material (/MAT36), should it be used the true curve or the engineering one? Thanks
  12. Hello everyone, Please see the attached images. The RADIOSS solver is giving; a strain in Y direction (unexpected) when the model is sheared in XZ direction a strain in X direction (unexpected) when the model is sheared in YZ direction Has anyone already faced such an issue? Do you have an idea what's happening here? Best regards, Sushant
  13. Is it possible to calculate the Stiffness (N/m or N/mm) of the structure from any analysis??
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