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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I want to create a output for the optimization of suspension linkage. I got the all the inputs but I am not able to create the outputs.
  2. Hello, I want to model a suspension using 1D-Elements. CROD are used to model the rods from the chassis to the wheel carrier. They are connected to the chassis using RBE3 with dof123 constrained to allow for free rotation. The problem is with the connection to and modeling of the wheel carrier. The rods need to be able to rotate freely around the connection points to the wheel carrier as well. I know about BEAM-Elements but as far as I know they only allow for free rotation around 1 axis. ROD- elements shouldnt constrain the rotations either, but they added stiffness to the model compared to the last option, a simple RBE2 with dof 123 from the end points of the rod to the wheel center as a central node. This setup with an RBE2 with dof123 as a wheelcarrier works good in analysis, but in freeesize I randomly get the error " *** ERROR # 153 *** Exactly zero pivoting encountered during Numerical Factorization; the model may have rigid body mode. " - My question are as follows: Why dont rods work as intended? They shouldnt constrain rotation as far as i know - Why does the rbe2 lead to that error? in analysis the flow of force makes sense and no anomalies appear, sometime the freesize even completes without any problem at all. - do you know of any way to model freely rotatable 1D-elements aside from the options above? Below is a picture of the model:
  3. Good morning, at the moment I'm doing some tests for an upcoming optimization. I use HM 14.0 with Optistruct. I want to simulate a simplified suspension.If I model the suspension rods with CONROD-Elements, the following error message appears: *** ERROR # 153 *** Exactly zero pivoting encountered during Numerical Factorization; the model may have rigid body mode. Solver error no. = -503 spc set id = 1 index = 1 Possible reasons are: 1) insufficiently constrained model, 2) having rigid body mechanisms within the model, 3) extremely ill-conditioned rigid element sets, 4) extremely thin shells (as used for skinning) that have MID2/MID3, 5) gap elements with extremely high stiffness (KA, especially KT or MU). Check the model and rerun the problem. (MECHCHECK may be used to find the rigid body modes. To do so, change the input to be an eigenvalue analysis and add MECHCHECK.) (WARNING: results obtained with MECHCHECK cannot be used because the model is changed internally.) This error was detected in subroutine bcsmtxfct. If I turn MECHCHECK on, the max. displacement is 0.008061 mm. When I replace the CONROD Elements with nearly stiff CBEAM Elements, the error message disappears. The max. displacement is 0.00769227 mm. To my knowledge, the suspension rods are just tension and compression rods. Could you help me, why I get the error message? I attached the file. Best regards, Kai
  4. how to rectify the error showing that "error computing compliance matrix for wheel centre markers"
  5. Hello, I am working on some suspension geometry. I have created points and bodies and defined a springdamper and given some property but there are no option for number of turns, free lengths etc.
  6. Submitted by Richd on Mon, 08/24/2009 - 05:25 3D VRML car is animated in real-time as it goes over a bump. 3DcarBump.vsm mustangRoad.WRL
  7. Hello Sir, I am using motionview/motionsolve to simulate the scissor link mechanism as below image. I have represented the revolute and transnational joint at the link end location. Please share the preferable friction represent. I have used the default properties at the joint friction but I did not get any output force due to friction. Please share your comments. Thanks and Regards, Yuvaraj S
  8. I am designing suspension for supra and i downloaded the front suspension model from altair website, when i edited it to our vehicle design, the following problem occur in the static ride analysis (error shown in the images). How to rectify the error, someone help me soon!. Thankyou in advance
  9. Hi , I am a new user ot Motion View . I have to make a leaf spring solid axle half car model for Kimenatic & Compliance Analysis . There was no Leaf Spring template in the Assembly Wizard . Could you please let me know how to tackle this problem ? Regards, Satyaki
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