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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Let's say i have 3 components Let's Name as 1, 2, and 3. 2 Component is intersecting with other two components. Now i want trim all these component at intersection. i can do with *surfmark_trim_by_surfmark here i want to delete or move the trimmed part or surfaces of 2 component which is inside surf volume of other two components (1 & 3) Ho can i do this ? Any idea Guys. Thanks in Advance. @tinh @Q.Nguyen-Dai@vipin @Adriano A. Koga Regards, PD
  2. Hello, I'm hoping someone can help mw with issues I've encounter when using solid edit menu. I'm attempting to create areas of non-design space for OptiStruct analysis. In the first picture I've attached, I directly imported an IGES files from Solidworks. In the second picture I created additional geometry using the solids menu in Hypermesh. The larger radius cylinder and the inner cylinder are what I would like to define as non-design space as a bolt will occupy the inner hole. I'm having difficulties with two things: I am unable to merge the newly created geometry (the larger cylinder) with the imported solid. When I attempt to merge I recieve the error: "None of 3 selected solids share surfs." I am unable to trim the cylinders (both large and small) in order to form a separate solid. I've followed tutorial: HM-2060 - Creating and Editing Solid Geometry, but am still having difficulties. Any help is appreciated, thank you. Bracket-v2.hm
  3. Hello all, In Hypermesh, Geom - "surface edit" sub-panel, while using self intersecting surfs selection of "trim with surfs/plane" radio button, it deletes any overlapping surfaces. I want to keep overlapping surfaces while using this trimming method. Does anybody have an idea about how to do that? Note: Changing autocleanup settings doesn't help.
  4. Dear, I am trying to trim a solid with a surface (plane), but weird thing is happening as you can see it on the attached image. You will find also the hm file. How can I solve this as it is a part of a big model. Best regards Nestor Dear, I have a model with different solids for meshing purpose. But the problem is that I can't do any boolean operation between two solids. I got an internal error. What could be the problem? Best regards Nestor Trim.hm
  5. Hello together I recently started with Inspire and Evolve. I constantly run in the problem, that I'm not able to trim or use boolean functions in my models. Do you have any idea, what I'm doing wrong? You can find my file in the dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jtxcdzupsflc7km/1900611_2.evo?dl=0 Thank you very much. Kind regards Ben
  6. Hi guys, I've been trying to figure out a way to Project a flat curve onto a bent surface so that the curve will actually wrap around it. Alternatively I would also be quite happy if it were possible with a surface. So far I have only Kind of managed to do this by using the Stretch tool and choosing a surface to Stretch along an extracted curve of the surface. This however distorts the original surface and since I don't know the exact measurements of the bent surface, ( customer file) it won't automatically use the entire lenght of the extracted curve... In General I am not very happy with this method and know that in other CAD programms there is a more simple way to Project the curve so that it bends around a surface. Is there an alternative to the Stretch tool in Solidthinking as well? I have attached a simple Image of the Problems that I have and what I'm trying to achieve: I am trying to get the (experimental) curve with "teeth" to follow the curvature of the Long surface. The part on the left is the attempt using the Stretch tool together with the extracted Profile curve. This is not a clean Job, is there another way to get this done?? Thank you very much for your help and I am looking Forward to Hearing from you ! Nick
  7. Hi guys, I'm quite new to evolve so there is a chance that this issue can be very easily solved I was modeling along when suddenly I realized that every single bit of trimmed surface was showing in the model. The trims are all still in effect and show no errors in the construction tree. Every loft and blend line is still connected, however the parts of the surfaces which were supposed to be trimmed away are clearly showing I also ticked"keep only exterior" on every single one of them, so that cannot be the issue. Can someone please help me resolve this issue? I've been going crazy about it for the past three days... Thank you guys in advance. Here's an image so you have a better understanding of what I'm trying to say. The connections on the right look alright, because they are coving up the part that is showing. On the left you can clearly see, that the sweep rails extend further than the trim curves(arcs)
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