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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I am a beginner about non linear simulation, I want simulate a contact about a gear transmission. In Altair tutorials I found this example:"OS-1520: Finite Sliding of Rack and Pinion Gear Model" that could help me. In the simulation, the motion is create by "enf_rotation" from a displacement of 5 radians. The load step hasn't Load declared and the rack is free to move on x. Now I have three questions: -What differece is between SPC and SPCD? If I used SPCD for "enf_rotation" would I get a different result? -Why there are contact stress in results? (There aren't forces or torque, the rack is free to slide) -If I want evalue the contact stress about a gear trasmition with a motion torque on pinion and a resistence torque on gear wheel, is this hypermesh's tutorial a good way? Altairguide-pignongear.pdf
  2. I am trying to find some tutorials about multi-objective optimization by combining a "volfrac" and a "compliance" response in the DRESP2 "function" card. HS-4205 and HS-4425 ,these are not helpful to me.
  3. Hi I am new to winprop . please help me to find the tutorials of the Winprop. -Angel
  4. Please Use the Learning Library for Up To Date HyperWorks Learning Material
  5. I was going through this video by Altair University titled: Vehicle Dynamics for Student Racing Cars, there is a segment in this video explaining how to optimize suspension setup using various pickup points. There the presenter is using an equation to solve the optimization problem (ref. In video time of eqn is 41:49) i.e. { sum((v_1 + 0.01*v_2)2 } where v_1 is Actual Toe & v_2 is Wheel vertical displacement. Could you please explain how did he decide to optimize suspension geometry based upon this equation? Ref video:
  6. Hi, Can somebody please tell where I can find this example file?
  7. Hi everyone, i am willing to learn tcl commands to create some commands as per my convience. Please advice me as to where to start, i am just a beginner and don't have much idea about how this whole thing works? are there any tutorials around? Please suggest me how to start.. Thanks Sonu
  8. Hello, I'am trying to create an MMO and I wanted to use the model files from OS-E: 0830 Excavator Arm to help me but they are not in my installed directory. I go into demos/hwsolvers/optistruct and there are model files there but none of the MMO files are there. Can I obtain these files from anywhere else? Thanks Aidan
  9. Hello, I'm going through this eBook from Altair "HyperMesh Desktop Introduction Pre-processing for Finite Element Analysis". Each chapter end with a exercise which required a model file to do. I got most the model file but for last few chapter like 1D Meshing, Morphing i cant find the model file anywhere. If anybody any link to download these model files please share it, thanks
  10. Hi I am having trouble working with tutorial "HF-3010: Simple Draw Forming". I am getting an error in boundary condition definition and warnings that certain node groups are empty. I am unsure how to rectify it. Can someone help me ? I can provide the files too. Thanks Vignesh Dakshnamoorthy
  11. Hello everybody I am a new user of Hyperworks softwares. I'm doing the tutorials of hypermesh and radioss. I am encountering a problem with the tutorial RD-3510: Cantilever Beam with Bolt Pretension. I get the following error in Tool > Model Checker > Radioss Block "Rbody ID is different from master ID" I don't understand this error and I don't know how to solve it. I have just attentively followed the tutorial. Moreover I tried to run Radioss, keeping the error. The job is completed but I don't get any hyperview file. How can I deal to get an Hyperview file please ? Thank you
  12. Hello, I'm currently working on getting HyperForm simulations to run and have been quite unseccesful seeing as the tutorials seem to be written for an older verison of Hyperform and do not coincide with the updated user interface. I have been trying to solve the "simple draw forming" tutorial using incremental RADIOSS and have solved many problems that have arisen, however I cannot seem to figure out this last one. When I run I get error ID 684 "Error Trapped: Report to listing file" as well as Error ID: 760 "Restart file Attempt2_0000_0001.rst was not created." I then decided to switch to Ls-Dyna solver and noticed that when I go to run analysis is requests that I tell it the location of the solver? I cannot understand what it is looking for as it does not even indicate a specific file type. I appreciate any support you can provide. Thanks in advance
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