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Found 21 results

  1. How to conduct Non-linear Modal analysis ?
  2. How to resolve this error.. I am using HyperMesh/Optistruct? Messages for the job: *** ERROR # 2813 *** TABRND1 referenced by RANDPS data returned a negative value for each frequency. This is probably due to extrapolation of the TABRND1 data. No results can be calculated. *** PROGRAM STOPPED: FATAL ERROR(s) ENCOUNTERED.
  3. What is the format file to import in Hyperview NVH Utility for Modal participation Analysis? & What are the cards to activate to extract the output format for modal participation factor analysis from Normal modal analysis / FRF analysis ??
  4. I would like to model sandwich with viscoelastic core (foam) in order to vibration and damping analyisis but I cannot find viscoelastic material card
  5. Hello Everyone! I am doing a response spectrum analysis an like to retrieve a eigenvalues and vectors from normal modes analysis which has already done. I hav saved the eigen value using EIGVNAME = modes and EIGVSAVE = 100. The file is has saved as modes.100.eigv. While doing RSPEC, I retreived the eigv using EIGVRETRIEVE = 100 and same EIGVNAME. But Solving throws an error as, *** ERROR # 372 *** Number of MPC constraints in file modes.100.eigv 474 does not match current value 0. Can Someone figure it out . Thanks in Advance -RathinaVel
  6. A propeller shaft experiences opposing torques on its ends, while rotating. What types of analyses are generally carried out on a propeller shaft, apart from static, modal, fatigue? What are the reversing loads to be given in a fatigue analysis? (The only reversing force that comes to my mind is the shaft's self weight, acting sinusoidally. Are there any other reversing loads in a rotating shaft?)
  7. Hello guys, I studding the deformation of a structure (plane) in HyperMesh (with the Optistruct tool ), so after having the deformation in HyperView I want to export is to Feko to do an electromagnetic simulation. How can I do the exportation from HyperView to Feko? And witch extension type of file I have to export from HyperView to Feko to have a geometry in Feko and not a mesh. Here you have the "*.hm" file that I am studying attached. Thank you for your help. Regards, Samir. direct_response_flat_plate.hm
  8. How to get RMS stress from random response analysis in optistruct? pls share the procedure for that.
  9. Hello, Good Afternoon. I have a model to which I need to apply a base excitation. I am basically trying to simulate a forced vibration case wherein I have 2 load cases, which are as follows:- · LC1: 5 – 10 Hz : ±8 mm (Constant displacement) · LC2: 10–500 Hz : ±18 m/sec2 (Const. Acceleration) I am doing it with the FREQUENCY RESPONSE (MODAL) LOAD STEP. I have used all the standard cards that are required for such an analysis like SPCD, RLOAD, DLOAD, FREQ, TABLED1 etc. Let's say I am exciting my model in the X direction, I have checked DOF1(scaled to 1) and unchecked all other DOF's. But the results seem to directly vary with that scale factor which it should but aren't matching with my benchmark results.When i use TABRAND1 instead of TABLED1 i get satisfactory results but I am not sure if I am supposed to do so. I am yet to establish the correct methodology for this sort of forced vibration cases. Could you please help me out.
  10. Hi, What is the significance or reason of plotting input curve and output response curve in same plot in Frequency response analysis ?
  11. Is it possible to do operational Modal Analysis in optistruct?
  12. hi moderators, i have set up an experimental system like below in order to study vibration isolation characteristics of a specimen in this system, there are specimen and a rigid plate of 1 kg was placed on the specimen. there are another rigid plate bottom specimen the specimen was adhered to both rigid plate at the bottom, there are electromagnetic shaker in order to give harmonic movement I have to FE model of the system I have mterial parameters but there are some error in BC I m waiting your suggestions hi dear admins
  13. Hi, Need clarification regarding FRF Analysis in Optistruct. What is the difference by applying excitation in two different cases? For example we need to apply 1g excitation. How to apply in below cases? Case 1 - Using RBE2/RBE3 Case 2 - Separate Regards, Arul
  14. I want to obtain transient time response on a cantilever beam for this purpose I use a impulse load and obtain damped free vibration time response how to perform it
  15. Hi , I am having following queries while trying Modal correlation option in Hyper view - NVH. 1. I am facing error while using transformation option in Hyper view - NVH - Modal correlation. Pls find the below image & help how to sort out. 2. How to use tolerance option in Node pairs menu. I could't able to get the values in the below table Regards, Arul
  16. Hi all, What is the unit of "B" ( Force per unit velocity) value in PDAMP Card in Optistruct? Ns/m or Ns/mm ? Regards, Arul
  17. hello I tried to obtain cantilever beam transient response to force - time curve, was given in attachment (finite element model also was given in attachment) however I cannot obtain true displacement and acceleration response is zero what is my mistake? can you give any suggestion?
  18. Hello every one, I am looking how to have the output ".disp" in the direct transient dynamic analysis, in the tutorials they just show how to have this output in the direct frequency response analysis, I did the same steps in the transient analysis and it gives me something witch is not that good as I did configure my simulation (yeah I guess): The step that I used is 0.005s and in the ".disp" the step is about 4.9s. Hypermesh 2014 Thank you for your help. Regards, Samir simulation.rar
  19. Is it possible to define the contact ( surface to surface , single surface contact) between components in vibration analysis ( Modal , FRF) in optistruct?
  20. Is it possible to do operational Modal Analysis in optistruct?
  21. Hi, Is it possible to do Modal analysis for rotor with shaft ( using 3D elements) using following example in optistruct?. or it is applicable for only 1D elements problem?? I have tried . But it is not working for 3D problems OS-1372: Rotor Dynamics of a Hollow Cylindrical Rotor
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