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Found 13 results

  1. Hello everyone, Would it be possible to use results from a Virtual Wind Tunnel simulation to form boundary conditions (i.e. inlet velocities) for a heat transfer CFD simulation? Thanks for your help!
  2. Hi all, I am using VWT to run a CFD analysis on a prototype vehicle. I have attached a picture below to show the model. I have the model meshed using HM. I have already ran CFD successfully before, however, this is the first time I add the wheels to simulate their rotation. The analysis works fine and takes around 20 mins to reach 80 percent, and then stays at 80 percent for hours. I have attached the text files in the run directory, I have checked them and couldn't find an error, however, I might be missing something. vwtAnalysis.1.Log vwtAnalysis.1.MeshSim.txt wheels_2nd_try.stmod
  3. Hello everyone, Is it possible to run two or more cars in Virtual Wind Tunnel and extract separate aerodynamic parameters from both vehicles? I am attempting to understand the effects of a following car-leading car dynamic. Thanks for your help, Tommy
  4. Hello everyone, I am attempting to compare two different CFD simulation results to understand the change in resultant downforce at each wheel of a vehicle after adding components to the baseline vehicle. To do this, I have been trying to implement a custom function in AcuFieldView which would look something like this: 2:z-surface_traction-1:z-surface_traction. The two datasets have different grids however, so it is necessary to perform data sampling to make both datasets have the same grid. When the selected dataset is sampled, there is no option to read extended variables (z-surface_traction is an extended variable). Is there any way to include the extended variables when sampling datasets, or is there another way of being able to do this? Thanks for your help, Tommy
  5. Hello everyone, I am attempting to mesh a full vehicle model of an open-wheel racecar in Hypermesh, for export to Virtual Wind Tunnel. So far, I have been successful in meshing the model without the suspension components and wheels. However, when the suspension and wheels are attached, it seems like there are way too many intersections/penetrations and free edges to fix. Does anyone have any tips on how to cleanup the geometry to get rid of most of the intersection and free edges issues? Thanks for your help, Tommy
  6. Hello everyone, I am having an issue with mesh intersections when running a full vehicle model inside Virtual Wind Tunnel. I have read up on all of the previous forums on this topic about how there cannot be any mesh intersections/penetrations, free edges/T-connections, or connectivity or duplicate element issues. In Hypermesh, I thought that I had resolved all of these issues because Hypermesh told me that there were not any of those issues in my model. However, after attempting to run the model in VWT, the meshintersection.nas file still popped up in my run directory. When importing this meshintersection.nas file into Hypermesh with the vehicle model, it appears that there are is a very small surface underneath the body of the vehicle that is attempting to be meshed. I have tried multiple geometry clean-up techniques and removed all intersections and free edges, however, these small elements beneath the vehicle still pop up. Is there some kind of geometry cleanup tool that can be used to stop these elements from forming underneath the vehicle? Thanks for your help!
  7. Hello, I have a problem with virtual wind tunnel, when starting a simulation everything progresses normally but hwx.exe is closed and the simulation stops at 0.02%. In the video below I do all the complete simulation from hypermesh by checking the duplicate elements. At the end of the video I show the run patch. In the attached files is the .nas file and the hw. Thanks for your help.
  8. Hi, I'm doing the altair tutorial "Virtual Wind Tunnel Analysis of a Student Race Car", i do all the steps like the video, but when i run the solver of the VWT ever is at 0.02% completed. Wich is the problem?
  9. Hello, I am trying to import the pressures on a surface from a file onto my model in HyperMesh. I will need to do this via linear interpolation I believe. I am struggling with a few parts of this, so would like to ask the following questions? Does the surface mesh of the model used in the VWT CFD need to be the same as the surface mesh that I will use in HyperMesh for the optimisation? Or can it be refined/changed after the CFD has been performed and the linear interpolation feature will calculate the correct magnitude of the nodal pressure load? Will the changing of the surfaces (e.g. adding a surface in/moving the surface boundaries) affect the success of being able to use the linear interpolation feature for the surface pressures? Does the nodal pressure file for the surfaces exported from AcuOut need doctoring at all before it can be used? By this I mean do I need to change any spaces to comma's or change the file type from .out to .tpl? Thank you in advance
  10. Hello, I am trying to run a CFD on a model in VWT in order to eventually extract the pressure on the surfaces to place them as node pressures on the same model in optistruct. Currently I am having problems getting VWT to run successfully. I have been through the troubleshooting webpage (http://forum.altairhyperworks.com/index.php?/topic/13776-workflow-for-virtual-wind-tunnel/&tab=comments#comment-20229). The Run parameters I am using are: The vwtAnalysis VOUT file is as follows: The vwtAnalysis MeshSim file is as follows: This suggests there is an error in line 65 but i do not know what this means. I am not getting a mesh intersection file if I intersect the model with the wind tunnel boundary. However, I obtain a CAD.DIR but not a MESHSIM.DIR the output folder. The link to the Nastran file: I hope you can help.
  11. Hello, I would like to export / output the surface pressures from a VWT CFD to a text file to be utilised in HyperMesh for a topology optimisation using Optistruct. I believe I will need to use AcuSolve's AcuConsole to this. From within AcuConsole I am to use AcuOut. I am having trouble doing so. Can someone offer some guidance. Thank you in advance.
  12. Hello, I am conducting an external aerodynamic analysis of a semi truck using VWT. I am currently facing issues within the VWT. I have created a surface mesh using HyperMesh and have checked and fixed for any bad elements. The 2D mesh check for Tetramesh tells me that the "Mesh is OK for Tetramesh" and after that, I am able to export the .nas file successfully onto VWT. However, when I run the analysis, the Volume mesher keeps failing for some reason. I have attached the error file and screenshots of the VWT run folder. Could you please help me point out what the issue currently could be? P.S: The files are from three different runs vwtAnalysis.1.MeshSim.txt vwtAnalysis.1.MeshSim.txt vwtAnalysis.1.MeshSim.txt
  13. Hi to everyone, firstly - to not annoy anyone from this forum, I have done and read all possible strains regarding this topic on this forum and nothing solves my issue. The problem is really strange - after finishing all necessary steps regarding mesh creation in hypermesh I import my model to VWT and try to run a simulation. I am trying to make a simulation for 3 different car models. 1st is working without any problems, 2nd is stopping at 0.02%, 3rd one does the same as the 2nd. 3 meshes are done by me following the same steps in each way. I am wondering if something might be wrong with the model made in CAD. If anyone can help me in this matter would be great because I spent all the weekend fighting with my PC and finally turning with no results except 1st model that I already simulated. Thanks
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