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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I'm doing a frequency response analysis (NASTRAN SOL 111) asking stress in both plate and solid elements. The concern is that when I plot Von Mises conour in Hyperview, the calculated value derive only from the combination of the real part of the stress tensor components and not from the magnitude ones. Moreover I am not able to plot corner results in plate elements, but only in solid ones. Why? Can someone help me? Thanks!
  2. I have simulated incremental sheet forming process in Hyperworks software and now I am analyzing the results. 1. The issue is that the undeformed portion of the sheet is also showing significant amount of von Mises stress and strain values. Which is absolutely impossible. How come the center undeformed portion of the component is experiencing effective stress and strain. However, there is no plastic strain in that area. Kindly, go through the attached images. 2. Secondly, Plastic strain distribution is correct but it does not sink with the von Mises strain results. What is the difference between the two. 3. Is the values of von Mises strain are in absolute terms or in percentage?
  3. Hı, I want to create stress restriction in lattice optimization. So I am changing the value in the image below. But I do not see any change when I check the analysis results. (von mises). Can you help me?
  4. Hi All, I have to print in a txt file the value of the maximum von mises stress over the entire model, without opening HyperView Is there any available routine to find the maximum? Thanks, Enrico
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