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Rahul Ponginan

FAQ 19. How to coarsen your 2d mesh?

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Go to Mesh menu > create > coarsen mesh
Use the Coarsen Mesh utility to simplify the mesh by combining many small elements into a smaller number of larger ones
This dialog allows you to pick the Components that you wish to simplify, any Hard points (such as those defining a hole or ridge) that must be preserved, a new Element size, and a Mesh type (Mixed or Trias-only). In both cases, you must click the selector twice, as if you were accessing its extended entity selection menu; however, the second click opens a temporary panel in the panel area. This panel allows you to select the desired components or nodes, and then proceed in order to close the panel and return to the Coarsen Mesh dialog.
Once you set the desired options, you can Mesh the selected components. If the results are not satisfactory, you can Reject the new coarse mesh, change the options, and try again.
Detach elements from its neighbouring mesh and remesh the selection <can be a bad idea if a good connectivity is required or the number of elements is too large>

Create surface from elements, delete the selected elements and remesh the surface, which has points on its edges created from the surrounding mesh. Based on the difference of old and new mesh sizes, can provide a very good connectivity

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I have Hyperworks 12.0.112 and the Mesh Coarsen command is missing from the Mesh > Create menu.  What is wrong with my installation? Is this command hidden somewhere else? Please help as I need to coarsen a 2d mesh that has no geometry, so I can't simply remesh.

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