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Rahul Ponginan

How to change the default Working Directory in Windows

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To Change the default working directory on Windows

The default working directory specified by a HyperWorks application is:
C:\Documents and Settings\<USERID>\My Documents
(for Vista, C:\Users\UserID\Documents\).

Perform the following steps if you would like to change the default working directory.
1. Click Start and select Programs.
2. From the Programs menu click Altair HyperWorks 11.0.
3. Open the current version of HyperWorks to see the available applications.
4. Right-click on the HyperWorks application for which you want to set the working directory.
5. From the menu, select Properties.
6. Select the Shortcut tab.
7. In the Start in text box, enter the explicit path name of the folder from which you want to run the
HyperWorks application.


8. Click OK.

Your user files are created in the directory specified in Step 7.

For example, if you had selected HyperMesh, the command.cmf, and hmmenu.set would go to this

If you create a shortcut directly from the <install_location>\application\bin directory, the
start in directory of the shortcut will be from that directory. We recommend that you change the start
in path to: "%userprofile%\my documents[%userprofile%\documents]" or any directory you

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