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Rahul Ponginan

Significance of corner data??..

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Through documentation i came to know how hyperview use nodal values to calculate stresses when corner data is activated.
Can i get a brief idea of the significance of corner data?. Or some link to hyperworks desktop reference manual where i can get clarified regarding this topic. Like, when to use it?, Which application it works good? or like when it doesn’t work good?..

Thanks for the help.

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Below link will help you to know more about corner data.


By default optistruct will give you element centroid based result. If user is interested in nodal based result then in loadstep subcase section invoke the option of Output : stress , location : corner.
In Hyperview contour panel averaging method is available for calculating unaverage (none) and (simple) average stresses.

Rahul R

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Hi Vignesh,

There is a very detailed description of corner data, its significance and use in the HyperWorks student guide,
The section called - Stress Calculation and Output in RADIOSS of chapter 14 is a must read for this topic,

See also page 166 of the student guide, here we see an example about stress concentration in a plate with a hole, this is a good example where corner stress results are necessary,
You see, by default the element stresses for shell (and solid elements) are output at the element center only. In other words, these stresses are not exactly the ones “existing” at the hole. To better resolve the stresses at the hole, the element stresses are output at the grid points using bilinear extrapolation (in HyperMesh activate the Control cards > Global output request > Stress >
Location: Corner).

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