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Rahul Ponginan

hypergraph window going black as i open it to plot results from my motion view file

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thanks for sending me the dxdiag output,

The graphics card you are using is not fully supported, it is an intel graphics card, although HW should work fine there are some limitations with this card like yours...

Try updating the drivers of the card,

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I think this is not issue of graphic card. I have same problem in HyperGraph 13 and already update drivers for video. If i start HyperWorks and switch to HyperGraph 2D, everything is ok and my card continue working, but if i start HyperGraph 2D standalone - screen is black. So, why in different cases HyperGraph sometimes work, sometimes not?

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Can you check if you have the latest Graphic drivers installed? 


Note - The "update driver" via Windows' updater is not always the latest driver for that device, it is just the latest WHQL driver given to Windows.


Going to the manufacturer of the graphics card , e.g. Intel, Nvidia or AMD , will ensure the latest driver for that device.

FYI, Make sure you “Perform a  Clean Install” while updating the drivers.





Please try setting these variables one by one and then together also,




The procedure is as below (if using Windows 7, just Google for the procedure to set variables for any other OS)


Windows 7


  1. Right click on My Computer from the Start menu




  1. Choose Properties from the context menu


  1. Click Advanced system settings > Advanced tab







  1. Click on Environment Variables,





  1. Click on new under the system variables section and enter the variable name and value,
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