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Refresh results in hyperview while keeping the current style

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I am wondering if there is any way to refresh the result in hyperview while keeping the post-processing style used. Currently, I am saving the session (.mvw) file and reopening it everytime I have new analysis results. If I open the result file, hyperview removes all of the post-processing style I used. It is kind of annoying to reopen the whole session just to update a result from one analysis. 


I wish there was a refresh result button or an option to keep actual style when opening a result file. I am sure it would be easy to implement this as the "apply style" option easily tranfers a style to a result window. Maybe it exists but I don't know where.


Anyone having the same needs? Anyone knows another trick?


Thanks in advance!



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Hi Mouton10


could you please explain what do you mean by post processing style?


If you are talking about legend settings, contour parameters.. here is a way:


Please follow the below steps:


first save your legend preferences to a tcl format in working directory. 
>Copy the preferences.mvw file from the <install location>Altair\12.0\hw\preferences.mvw to the working directory.
>Add the below commands  to the preference file at the end of the file.
     *DefaultPostContourLegendFile ("Full path to the legend file exported as tcl” (patran-legended1.tcl)) with using back slash ( / )
>Go to File pull down in HVàLoadàPreference fileàselect register and select the preference file from the working directory for which changes were madeàload the preference file.
>This would have the data of the legend file so each time HV session is opened the custom legend is used.

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Here is another workaround.


Save your styles to a report template. Go to Files menu>> Save as>> Report Template. This write a .tpl file.


Now in a new session open the same report template. Goto Files menu>> Open>> Report Template and select the template with styles saved.


Open your new graphic and result files (.H3D file) and click apply (check the picture below)


This retains your post process style




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Hi Prakash! Thanks for your advices. These are great ideas and workarounds and it will try to use them. However, it does not really solve my issue. 


What I mean by processing style is all the things you can do on a result, (applying contour, scale factor, section view, notes etc... For example, when you have two windows open on the same page , you can click on one window and apply the style of the window to all the others window on the same page. That is what I mean by "style". (See the attached image1)



I would like to be able to reload a result file "result.h3d" but keep the processing style the window had before reloading the file. Now, if I click on open result file, it resets all the procesing of the window and I have to do it again somehow. (image2)


It would be nice to be able to reload or refresh the results without resetting processing. As I said, the only way i can reload the result of a session without affecting my processing is to reload the session which can be long when I have several windows.  


I hope I am clearer on what I want to do!


Thanks again!



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Report templates as described in the second post by Prakash does exactly this requirement. 


Also note that the Parameter Browser allows you to customize and automate the repeatable process of generating entire analysis sessions in HyperWorks Desktop.



HyperWorks Desktop Applications > HyperWorks Desktop Overview > Startup Procedures and Customization > Customization > Report Templates > Report Template Statements > HyperView Report Template Statements:

Report Template Parameterization

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Hello Rahul.

Thanks for looking at my issue.


Actually I know report templates and how to use them and they can definitely be a workaround for my needs. The parameter browser is also a cool feature!


However, I found it annoying because I do not always post-process the same way. According to what I understand, each time I want to refresh a result windows, I would need to save a report template with my current post processing style and reopen the result file using this report template.


It would work but I think it would be much nicer to just have an option in hyperview to refresh current window results while keeping the style. I'm sure it would be feasible with a tcl macro using report templates for example. I am sure it would not be very hard to implement such a feature in some future release of hyperview.


Thanks for your advices! I really appreciate it!

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