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satyaki chaudhuri

Using ADAMS Solver with MotionView

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Hi , 

I am unable to solve MotionView files using ADAMS Solver


As specified in the Tutorial I am following these steps . 


1. Change solver mode to ADAMS . 

2.Save and run current model . 

3. says " you must have connected the ADAMS solver to the run button in the motionview interface through the preferences file" - this step is unclear . Please instruct on the same . 


4. We are unable to select "Altair_Executable" for script . 


Please give our insight on this problem . 







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Hi Satyaki - you may create your own preference file to register the solver script. Please follow the below steps.


1. create a preference file with a .mvw extension with the following content


*Id("MotionView v12.0")







      *RegisterSolverScript(adams_standard,  "ADAMS version", ADAMS,"path_to_adams_exe/mdi.bat", ARGUMENTS, SOLVER_COMMAND)








where, path_to_adams_exe is the directory path where the adams solver executable resides. Also note that you might have to pass additional argument such as "ru-s" before SOLVER_COMMAND.


2. Once this file is created, please register this preference file through File -> Load -> Preference File -> Register in MotionView

3. From the same dialog load the preference file.


After the above steps, when in Adams solver mode, the Run panel should list the above registered solver script in the Scripts drop down

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