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Rahul Ponginan

What is the best shell mesh for tet mesh?

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should I use "trias" option or "quads" option in 2D automesh? Are there others way to get good quality tet mesh?
What are the "Tetramesh parameters" should I use to get the best quality tet without concerning element/node count?

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Overall trias would be the most ideal 2D element type to use as your base for your 3D tetramesh. The reasoning behind this involves the splitting of quads during the tetrameshing process. There may be some cases where the quads created are split into low quality elements. When it comes to obtaining a quality mesh, the type of elements in the 2D mesh is important, but based off of the parameters set for the tetramesh determines rather you have a quality mesh.
The tetramesh parameters for quality mesh are usually defined for some companies, but the default parameters are exceptable for generalized tetrameshing.

You can refer to the TTF (tips and tricks) called A checklist for reviewing a tria mesh before tetra meshing it and tips for tetra meshing. TTF - 389

To view our repository of HyperWorks related Tips & Tricks you first need to become a registered user at the HyperWorks Client Center. Please use your academic E-Mail address for your registration.

A brief summary of the checklist (for full details see the ttf)


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