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Restart a solution - Acusolve

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I need a little guidance on how to use the 'Restart' option in Acusolve.


I have a setup running with constant density air model (temperaure equation disabled) on a cluster server, and I want to use this solution to start a run with the air model switched to ideal gas and temperature equation enabled.


Thanks in advance for any help.



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Hi Prashant,


There are three steps required to perform a restart:

1.)  Ensure that you have the RESTART_OUTPUT enabled in your first run.  You will only be able to restart from the time steps for which this type of output is available on disk.


2.)  Create a new input file that contains the RESTART{} command and the commands that you want to change.  For example, you could create a file called myRestart.inp that contains the following:




     type                 = ideal_gas




Note that you only need to issue the commands/parameters that you want to change in the restart file.

3.)  Restart the simulation using the new input file:  acuRun -inp myRestart.inp


Check out the RESTART command in the AcuSolve Command Reference Manual for some more information.  You can also search this forum.  There have been some other posts regarding restart of simulations.

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You can also accomplish the Restart via AcuConsole.  Define all the desired settings for the new run then when you launch AcuSolve, make sure you enable 'Restart'.  You can also define some additional options in the 'Restart' tab of the Launch window.

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