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Rahul Ponginan

Quick Trouble shooting HW malfunctions - deleting settings files

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Anomalies with the browsers, the user interface layout (tab locations, command window, panel


location, toolbars,) keyboard preferences, import/export settings etc certain malfunctions with


errors and crashes can generally be resolved by deleting the settings files.


The following problems in HyperMesh have been successfully fixed by deleting the settings files.




Entities missing




Radio buttons missing in panel area


Buttons missing in panel area


Toolbar icons missing


Utility menu is blank, browser has icons missing


Status bar is missing








Can’t set hm framework minibar


Segmentation error when user starts hm


Fatal menu system error


hmmenu.set has one or more fatal errors


Menu system corrupted : menu itemgroup : get pointer


“Only a single create/edit window supported at a time, do you want to close current window before




“Node command is out of sequence" while importing .fem file


"Nodes already exist in the model" while converting Trias to tetras








Unable to select lines and points from the graphics area,


Unable to select elements,


Entities do not change colour on being selected


While selecting a node adjacent node gets selected.


Unable to choose coincident nodes in the model. When user tries to choose one of the nodes at a


particular location it does not show the option of picking one of the two or more nodes.








HyperMesh 11.0 crashes when he tries to translate a component








The mesh is not seeded all along the edges of a model and not taking the element size specified


When user tries to organize elements using organize option, elements are not moved and tool hangs








Panel area is resized


User is not able to get White background JPEG if the Check box is marked for Blank background 


under options panel.


While using automesh option, if user does a reject/abort, then all masked elements will be


unmasked. i.e. If User masks some of the elements of the same and locally remeshes remaining


elements with F12 and aborts the operation then masked elements will appear on the screen


without doing unmask elements.


Components are not being displayed in the graphics area, though they are active in the model


browser and are not masked.


Masked Temporary Nodes appear while selecting by window.


Find attached elements will select all the elements including those in undisplayed components.


The colour of the component does not match between that in the model browser and the graphics




Creates a material and tries to update a card image but, it goes blank without displaying any options

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