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Ravi H


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Hi All,


please anybody tell me where to define "wall_function_heat_flux_factor      = 1.0"

I am getting these errors


acuPrep: Reading SURFACE_OUTPUT( "2-12: outlet-walls2" )

acuPrep: Reading SIMPLE_BOUNDARY_CONDITION( "2-13: outlet-walls1" )

acuPrep: ***ERROR: parameter wall_function_heat_flux_factor not found; file Nidec_CFD_aerator.inp line 1121; at or before: yŽÃ

acuPrep: ***ERROR:     roughness_height                    = 0.0           # m

acuPrep: ***ERROR:     wall_function_heat_flux_factor      = 1.0



Ravi H

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This option should appear under the SIMPLE_BOUNDARY_CONDITION command.  It looks like that is where you have it based on the error message.  So, it may be that you are just using the wrong version of the code.  The wall_function_heat_flux factor was introduced in V13.0, so make sure that is the version you are using.

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What we need to see is the top of the .Log file where it tells what version of AcuPrep is running.  It should look something like this:

acuPrep:                         Date = Tue Nov 11 07:40:07 2014
acuPrep:                      Problem = channel
acuPrep:                          Run = 1
acuPrep:                     Hostname = sacandaga
acuPrep:                     Platform = Linux 3.11.10-21-desktop x86_64
acuPrep:                      Machine = linux64
acuPrep:                      Release = 13.0
acuPrep:                 Release date = Jun  6 2014
acuPrep:         Number of subdomains = 1
acuPrep:            Number of threads = 1
acuPrep:            Working directory = ACUSIM.DIR
acuPrep: ------------------------------------------------------------------

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I think that explains it then.  If the input file was written in V13.0, it won't run in V12.0.  However, if it is written in V12.0, it will run in V13.0.

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