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I'm new in MBD and also in hyperworks. I have a project for universities in which I have to make a model of a car with 6 wheels. Is there any one hwo know how to model a wheel or jow to use implement to my model where i have car body and rockers a wheels or tires. I found thta HW has the tires models but how can I imprement them to my model? is it posisble or I can only use vechicle library where I can find only 4 wheel vehicles.  


I want to make something similar to this: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSSKqxs2fHI wery simple model so I don't want to use wehicle library. after I nat to add road ane make something like this:



Sorry for my english ;) is there any one hwo can help me? Maybe you know someone or know tutorials what ever which can help me.


Thanks a lot.

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The MV vehicle library consists of system definitions for different sub assemblies. These system definitions can be instantiate (creating an instance of the system definition ) as many times as needed.

Please go through tutorials MV-1040 to MV-1070 to learn about creating and re-using system definitions.


Assuming that the vehicle you are trying to model has an additional rear suspension, you may re-instantiate a rear suspension system definition. you may also have to instantiate a tire system definition to go with it.


Shown below is the System import tab which can be used to import the system definition.



The definition may be found at ~install/hw/mdl/mdllib/Libs/Model/Rear_susp.

you may chose appropriate type of suspension folder.

You would have to then change the attachments (connection entities to the system) appropriately.


Alternatively, instead of accessing the install, you can export a rear suspension definition and use that to import. 


In both cases, the new wheel center locations have to be entered.


I hope this helps.



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What it I want import only tire model. I have complete model like below. So I have vehicle, and road I just want add tire model.




I tried several times use models from: \Altair\12.0-edu\hw\mdl\mdllib\Libs\Models\Tire and it import only some marker and other stuff but not showing geometry/body of tire in my MBD model.




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