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permission denied

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This is because your command file is corrupted and / or you need to change the working directory,


Please do these two things and try and report back to us here,


please locate your working directory by right click on hm icon > properties > start in field


In this location delete the hmsettings.tcl, hmmenu.set and command.cmf. also hwsettings.xml


check to see if problem is solved, if not , next change the working directory


To Change the default working directory on Windows

The default working directory specified by a HyperWorks application is:
C:\Documents and Settings\<USERID>\My Documents
(for Vista, C:\Users\UserID\Documents\).

Perform the following steps if you would like to change the default working directory.
1. Click Start and select Programs.
2. From the Programs menu click Altair HyperWorks 11.0.
3. Open the current version of HyperWorks to see the available applications.
4. Right-click on the HyperWorks application for which you want to set the working directory.
5. From the menu, select Properties.
6. Select the Shortcut tab.
7. In the Start in text box, enter the explicit path name of the folder from which you want to run the
HyperWorks application.


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hi thanks for helping,


i just restarted hypermesh without doing anything and i noticed that it creates nodes now but still says permission denied although I can create them. should i change the path anyways or is it fine??

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I use hyperworks in a university computer so the directory is not like that obv. I cannot locate these files in the path shown which is somewhere in my Local C;/ drive. I can find these three files in my university local shared disc though. Should I delete them there? and i dont know if i should change the path because it might create a problem with the licensing?

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Do not delete these files elsewhere, these files must be deleted only from the working directory also called start in directory

(check if these files are in the "my documents" folder)


Changing the start in path will not affect licensing, you can change it to your my documents location, you can ask your university IT to do it for you, if you have doubts, 


this problem usually occurs for the reasons I stated before, i.e. when there are no full permissions for the working directory or when the cmmand.cmf is corrupted etc 

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