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Rahul Ponginan

Basic License Troubleshooting

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Once you receive an altair license file and tried to use it, however you get a license error


, if you can do the following , you can troubleshoot yourself -


1) You need to ascertain - Is this a standalone (node locked) license file or do you have a server license,

To identify if your license file is a server based license or a standalone license, please open the license file in a text editor

The difference between a server based license and a node locked license is that in a server based license each feature has a COUNT field.



2) If it is a node locked license, all you need to do is place it in the security folder as you have, in which case, you must check if the Ethernet ID is correct as per below (please delete/uninstall the license manager in this case)


also please take care and check for the file extension, i.e. it should be *.dat and not *.dat.dat (this could resolve the issue)


Again when you open the license file in a text editor you will see an Ethernet address there in a line that says "ETHERNET =

The Ethernet ID is the id of your machine which is exactly 12 hexadecimal numbers. For example D4WRF478F398

Please check your computer’s Ethernet address, by using the almutil -hostid application from the Start > Altair > Tools > Admin tools Menu
The listed Host ID should be used to generate the license file.

You can also find it by running ipconfig/all in command window and check for physical address under Ethernet adapter local area connection:

Alternatively run getmac in command window to find out available Ethernet addresses



3) If it is a server based license, follow the procedure in the attached video to install and use the license manager in the machine whose Ethernet ID is in the license file,



4) If you have a license server running (and if you know the hostname of this license server machine) you need to connect to this server machine by setting an environment variable in your machine,

Please set an environment variable to connect to the license server machine as below if using Windows 7

Windows 7


1. Right click on My Computer from the Start menu


2. Choose Properties from the context menu


3. Click Advanced system settings > Advanced tab


4. Click on Environment Variables,


5. Click on new under the system variables section and enter the variable name and value


The proper format for a network license location is port@hostname


port is the port number. The port number in this command matches with the port number in the TCP_LISTEN_PORT = 6200 line in the altair-serv.cfg file in the licensing folder, changing this port number in the altair-serv.cfg file will allow you to connect using this new port and the environment variables will then need to be set with this new port number.

host1 is the host name, this can be the name or the IP address of the servers.

Best regards

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