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VWT - Job not started or/and Job waiting

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I tried to simulate the Frontwing of our Formula Student car. I generated a proper Mesh (as you see in the Dropbox link).

However Virtual Wind Tunnel is not calculating even if the Mesh was generated and i have no intersections.


Is there a Problem with positioning or refinement zones?

(VWT Report also in the Dropbox)



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Based upon vwtAnalysis.1.Log file, it seems to be a machine related issue. Did you close any windows while running VWT ? Was there any hardare related issue?


Please run the case again to see if the run aborts again at Time Step = 7.



Turbulence stagger "turbulence": FORM-LHS
acuSolve:     eddy-visc.   res ratio = 5.820930e-001
acuSolve:     GMRES    No iterations =         10 (0.25)
acuSolve:     GMRES      0/1/n norms = 4.970131e-003 4.970131e-003 1.113691e-007
acuSolve:     eddy-visc.   sol ratio = 8.048370e-002
acuSolve:   CFL timeInc              = 8.843718e-007
forrtl: error (200): program aborting due to window-CLOSE event
Image              PC                Routine            Line        Source             
acuSolve.exe       00007FF692859838  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
acuSolve.exe       00007FF692858599  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
acuSolve.exe       00007FF692836DCF  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
acuSolve.exe       00007FF692826C82  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
acuSolve.exe       00007FF692836844  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
KERNELBASE.dll     00007FFBD3956F93  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
KERNEL32.DLL       00007FFBD63816AD  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
ntdll.dll          00007FFBD6514409  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown


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