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Fatigue Analysis: No Results Shown

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Hi Friends,


I am attempting to run a fatigue subcase in optistruct, in which case the analysis has 3 loadsteps:


Loadstep 1: Preload a part of the structure.

Loadstep 2: Apply a unit load to another region of the structure.

Loadstep 3: Run a block cycle using the unit load from loadstep 2.


The first two loadsteps are linear-static and the 3rd loadstep (fatigue subcase) references loadstep 2. When i review the results, I see that loadsteps 1 and 2 work (provide meaningful results), but the fatigue subcase keeps showing zeroo damage and infinite lives. I have udpated the FATDEF card to include element sets which are to be considered during the fatigue analysis...


Can you please help me with this? I seen an older post where someone had the same problem but noone replied to his post with solutions.


Thank you!

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