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Batch file for using Abaqus as Solver script with 3 abaqus jobs running simultaneously.

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Hello everyone,

I am using Hyperstudy 12.0 for Optimization.I am not Familier to Batch files. I have 3 Abaqus jobs that I want to run Simultaneously in 3 different Folders ( E:\Ak\ Folder1 , E:\ Ak\ Folder2 , E:\ Ak\ Folder3 ).

The jobs are in 3 Folders (Job-1 is in Folder1 , Job-2 is in Folder 2,Job-3 is in Folder3 ).

I want to create a batch file that copies all 3 Folders including files in them in the working Directory for Hyperstudy ie. (E:\ AK \ Approaches \ nom_1 \ run_0001 \ m_1 ) for nominal run.  

The batch file should work for Optimization also  ( E:\ AK \ Approaches\ Opt_1\ run_001\ m_1 , E:\ AK \ Approaches\ Opt_1\ run_002\ m_1, E:\ AK \ Approaches\ Opt_1\ run_003\ m_1 ....so on )

I also neeed to make a abaqus executable batch file that will Run the three jobs at the same time in three respective Folders Folder1, Folder2, Folder3 and perform Optimization of all 3 jobs.

I hope I explained the Problem well.

Thank You in advance for Your help.


Kind regards,




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I need more information on your study to be able to answer your question accurately. Based on this limited information, I assume you have three models you want to run. In HyperStudy, you can define three separate models for the three Abaqus simulation. HyperStudy then will created m_1, m_2, m_3 folders in the run directories. Don't forget to use the "interactive" mode in Abaqus.

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