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SriGanesh Doshaim

Selection of particular elements within a radii...

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How to select the shell elements within a particular radii using a center point?.. (On a planer)


As i am trying to automate the process of deleting the shell elements within a Radii using center point..


Please provide me the API's and procedures...


Kindly help...




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Hi Adams,


Here is the situation...


The elements which i have is Quad elements and kind of match mesh...


I have attached a snapshot that shows a particular elements being selected manually within a diamteric...


i want to select the elements of within a diameter to delete and use it further...


Please refer the attachment...







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Hi Sri Ganesh,


If you try to select some element to delete etc...you can use Shift button+Right mouse button.If you select these,there are some choices .I think 'inside of circle' option will provide this to you.


Hope it helps,regards.



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Hello Sri Ganesh,


cooked something: just check it & let me know if its working with all of your cases.


if you want to work all the time with 2D (same plane) then it will work with all the cases.



                                   *createlistpanel nodes 1 "Select only three nodes of outer area"

                                   set arnod [hm_getlist node 1];

                                   *clearmark nodes 1


                                   set n1 [hm_getentityvalue nodes [lindex $arnod 0] "id" 0];


                                   set n2 [hm_getentityvalue nodes [lindex $arnod 1] "id" 0];


                                   set n3 [hm_getentityvalue nodes [lindex $arnod 2] "id" 0];


                                   eval *createmark nodes 1 $n1 $n2 $n3

                                   *createbestcirclecenternode nodes 1 0 1 0

                                   *clearmark nodes 1


                                   set Cn1 [hm_getmark nodes [*createmark nodes 1 -1]];


                                   set Cn1x [hm_getentityvalue nodes $Cn1 "globalx" 0]

                                   set Cn1y [hm_getentityvalue nodes $Cn1 "globaly" 0]

                                   set Cn1z [hm_getentityvalue nodes $Cn1 "globalz" 0]


                                   set rad [hm_getdistance nodes $Cn1 $n1 0]

                                   *clearmark nodes 1


                                   set rad [lindex $rad 0];


                                   *createmark elems 1 "by sphere" $Cn1x $Cn1y $Cn1z $rad "inside" 1 1 0.1

                                   set Selems [hm_getmark elems 1];


                                   *deletemark elements 1

                                   *clearmark elems 1






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