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Rahul Ponginan

Reference Frame Definition

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I m working on blowers with ACUSIM as my senior thesis and I have problems with reference frame definition. I started with a simple case like two coaxial cylinders one of them is turning on its own axis. Mesh is created and exported in HyperMesh 11. However i have a problem about interfaces. If i run the analysis without reference frame interfaces are working properly. But when i define a reference frame to a cylindirical volume, solver cuts out with an error as:

acuSolve: *** ASSERTION in Function <esvGetLocVelF> File <CompileDir/esvLocal.c> Line <145>
acuSolve: *** Not implemented
acuRun: *** ERROR: error occurred executing acuSolve

If i defined reference frame angular velocity is zero there is no error occures and solver runs properly.

I found tutorials about reference frame works in ACUSIM and made all steps clearly. Can you enlighten me about this issue.

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The solution to this problem was simple: “Interface Surface” is not required when working with reference frame/steady state (like workshop 2 from introductory training material). “Interface Surface” is for sliding mesh/transient case (e.g. Workshop 3). I disabled “Interface Surface” for both “inte” surfaces and now the model works. Screenshot attached.
These workshops could be downloaded from : ftp://ftp.altair.de/priv/hyperworks/software/hw11/AcuSolve-1.8b/AcuSolve_training_v1.8b_full_RP.zip

I noticed that volume and surfaces names are long and inconsistent with names in HyperMesh. To keep consistent names for components/surfaces/volumes, while importing mesh into AcuConsole select “ACUSIM Raw Mesh” or .arm file. HyperMesh export .inp and .arm amongst other files.

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