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Rahul Ponginan

Problem w/ Import of ProE .prt or .asm into AcuConsole

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Hi everyone,

I'm using ProEngineer 3.0 and Hyperworks 11.0 + AcuSolve/-Console for my diploma thesis.

Now I've got the following problem:
The ProE .asm and .prt data are designed and finished. The next step would be to import the CAD-model into AcuConsole in order to generate a MESH. Unimportant what type of file I choose (.prt or .asm); I get the attached (see image below) error message!

As an alternative way I tried the intermediate step to load the CAD data into HyperMesh (CFD) and to generate the MESH there. As good as possible I can judge: this way works fine. Nevertheless I would prefer to import the CAD data into AcuConsole and to generate the MESH this way!

Anyone could help me, please?
Or would it be better to take the intermediate step w/ HyperMesh?

Thank You for your advice and help :)!!!!

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AcuConsole needs a clean CAD geometry. So if you try to import a unclean/bad geometry information you will receive an error message, Try after a cleanup in HyperMesh,

In case of clean geometry both Acuconsole and HyperMesh are equivalent when it comes to meshing. If have to deal with bad CAD, HyperMesh is the best option to import it. After import and clean up you can choose to use either HyperMesh or AcuConsole.

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