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Rahul Ponginan

units in AcuProbe!

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Hi everone,

after simulation, starting AcuProbe I plot some variables.
For completeness: it's a cfd simulation with 1 fluid-volume, 1 Inflow-, 1 Outflow- und a wall-surfaces.

In AcuConsole, there aren't any units; e.g. right-click on outflow --> Info --> you see just numbers, no units.

For examination, I plotted the "area" and "mass flux" for surfaces, "total mass" and "volume" for fluid in AcuProbe.
The point is: For "area" the number is correct, but the unit not: for the displayed number it should be mm^2, but is m^2. For "volume" it's the same (should be mm^3, is m^3). The total mass is a consecutive fault...mass flux is also absolute unrealistic (4e5 kg/s !!!).

My question:
Does AcuProbe use some "standard"-units regardless of the AcuSolve SI-Units?
Or is their any consecutive fault w/ units during the whole pre-processing?
--> My CFD mesh is based in a CFD-model from ProEngineer (standard unit for length: mm). It's meshed with HyperMesh and then exported into AcuConsole.

Thank You 4 your advice!

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"outflow --> Info --> you see just numbers, no units." It means the units are Meters.

AcuSolve works by default with MKS ( Meter, Kilogram, Second). So the outputs are written out in MKS.
So AcuProbe would display in MKS or derived units like N/m^2.

While exporting mesh from HyperMesh, it is advisable to scale it to meters and then import in AcuConsole.

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