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Rahul Ponginan

Estimating Y+

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The screenshot you are showing represents a user defined relationship for estimating the y+ in AcuConsole. If you click on the "Whats this" icon in the main toolbar, then click on the "Power" entry in the panel, it will show the equation that is used to determine the Y+ for this use case:

Y+ = (Y1/coeff *Len) * Re^power

Y1 = first layer height
coeff = Coefficient
Len = Length Scale
power = Power

The Reynolds Number is estimated based on the material properties supplied by "Material model" and the length and velocity scales.

Note that the "Estimated Y+ method"=User is typically only used if you are working with an application for which the "Flat Plate" and "Pipe" relations don't work well, and you know the proper scaling. In my experience, the predefined approaches are pretty good for most applications. I use "Pipe" for internal flows and "Flat Plate" for external flows.
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