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Rahul Ponginan

Acusolve restart tab

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Simulations can be restarted in two different ways.
• From AcuConsole GUI
• From the command line

From AcuConsole GUI
•For restarting from previous run with available restart data, open the acuConsole database and click on Tools > AcuSolve to open the “Launch AcuSolve” dialog.
•In the “Launch AcuSolve” dialog under “Main” tab set the “Restart” option to “On”.


•Click on the „Restart‟ tab to customize the parameters of the restart.
•Any modifications that were made to the database since the first run will be taken into account.
•The name of the problem and the working directory from which the simulation will restart is shown in the boxes next to “From Problem” and “From directory”.
•Type the run number and time step in the boxes next to “From run” and “From time step”. Click “Ok” to start the solver.
•In the image shown, simulation restarts from time step 3 in run 2.


•In the “Launch AcuSolve” dialog if the “Reset time step” option is “On”, then the restarted simulation resets the initial time and starts from time step 1.
•“Reset time increment” option should be “On” if the user changes the “Initial time increment” for the restart run. If this option is “Off”, then the updated “Initial time increment” value will not be used by the solver.
•If a steady state simulation needs to be restarted as a transient, change the “Analysis type” to “Transient” in “Problem Description” and Change the “Initial time increment” in “Auto Solution Strategy”. In the launch AcuSolve dialog turn “On” the “Reset time step” and “Reset time increment” options and run the solver.

For restarting a simulation in command mode, type
•acuRun -rst
•Writes and runs a file called <problem>.rst
•Includes two commands
•RUN { }
•Nothing is changed from original problem setup

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