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Find angle between 3 nodes using TCL

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4 hours ago, tinh said:


In HM14, use this command:

hm_getangle nodes $NodeId1 $NodeId2 $NodeId3


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Can i Use the same code for HM version  12 too?

Is there a code to open file(.inp) location via directories specified by the user? (to take in the directory as a string and pass it on to a pointer to locate it)

Also how to enter the contents (node co ordintes, distances, and angle) into a excel sheet, whose directory is given by the user(as it changes time to time)?

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Yes, the code is available in HM12 also

To open/import file, you delete .../documents/command.cmf

import the file by menu File>Import

then turn back to open command.cmf (by notepad for example), you will see relevant commands


to put the contents into excel sheet, you can write it to a csv file , please refer to tcl manual online for commands: open, puts, join, close.

Sample codes appear on web very much, you can find

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