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raju mandal

Centrifugal force

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hi, i have a rotor assembly. I want to know if there is any method in hypermesh to apply centrifugal force??

Description of model:-

It consist of a shaft which can rotate in a bearing. Shaft has two discs at ends attached. The discs has hole via which a rod is connected. Now that rod has some smaller discs(hammers) again. These hammers can rotate about the rod.

Can anyone help me to find the centrifugal force in the hammers when I am given rpm of shaft, power of motor..

thanks in advance

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here a general hint for centrifugal forces:

For solver Nastran/Radioss bulk:

Try to use RFORCE: (look into the helpfile please, solvermanual)

Bulk Data Entry

RFORCE – Rotational Force


Defines a static loading condition due to a centrifugal force field.


1. The rotational forces that are created with an RFORCE entry for a constant angular velocity (A), act in the positive radial direction. They represent the initial forces on the structure due to a constant angular velocity. The rotational forces defined for a constant angular acceleration (RACC), act in the same direction as the angular acceleration. They would be opposite to the inertia forces on the structure due to a constant angular acceleration...

It is a Loadcollector, image type RFORCE in Hypermesh...



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