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Modal analysis of a gearbox-housing assembly using the area connector

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Dear Members,


my problem is the following:


I want to calculate the frequency modes of a gearbox-housing that consists of two parts screwed with a flange, using OptiStruct as solver.


A validated approach that I want to try is modelling the screws as a bar-element that connects two mpc-rigids, one in the thread-area an the other in the area of the screw-head. The problem that I have is the connection of the two meshes (3D-parabolic with tetra-elements) of the parts in the flange-area. Simply connecting the whole flange leads to unsatisfactory results so that I just want to connect the flange areas in a certain radius auround the axis of the screw.


My first idea was using the area-connector to create rigid-elements, but I still have problems to understand, how it works and if its even possible to do it in that manner.


When I select "elems" in the location-botton of the area-panel and "rigid" as type no area-connectors are created independent of every other option chosen.


Using "node list" leads to really strange connections and its hardly possible to even achieve a creation of some connections.


Does anyone have an indea of a different approach connecting the flange-areas? As far as I know defining a contact is not possible for a modal analysis due to linearity.


Thank you very much in advance!!



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Can you share a picture of the model?


Contacts may not give a good result as they are non linear and will end up with worst frequency results.


Maybe you should try with different options in area weld panel.


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Hi, thank you for your quick answer!


I attached some pictures of the model, I hope that helps understanding my problem.


I also made a Test-Model that originally served to check wether my modelling concept leads to reasonable results, I can be downloaded here:




As the nets are quite simple, I had no problems creating an area-connector in this model, but when it came to adopting this to the gearbox-housing, I couldn't achieve creating this connector anymore. Are there some ways to remesh the flange area in a manner that creates a really flat and smooth mesh? Maybe this could help?






Elements flange-area.pdf

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