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Rahul Ponginan

Accelerometer in Hypermesh

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Hi guys,

I've found a tutorial to create an accelerometer in Hypermesh for use in LsDyna.http://crash.ncac.gwu.edu/pradeep/CE264/Homeworks/HM-Acc.pdf

I did it exactly like option 1 but my question now is, where do I find the information after it was solved. I'm using Animator 4 from gns. So I can load the model and also the curves of all database options.

Thanks in advance

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You should find a rbdout file written to the same location as your input file as per the output request in your tutorial, you should be able to load the rbdout file in your postprocessor, what information are you looking for?

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So what data do you find in the rbdout?

I would say that any method used to define accelerometers must involve outputting the nodal acceleration combined with rigid bodies created at the nodal locations to eliminate noise.

You can define an accelerometer using a tria element whose all 3 nodes must be rigid. (Rigid nodes are those belonging to a rigid body, a *CONSTRAINED_NODAL_RIGID_BODY, or extra nodes to a rigid body)just go to tool > create cards > *ELEMENT_SEATBELT_ACCELEROMETER

Node1 of the accelerometer is defined in *DATABASE_HISTORY_NODE for outputting time histories to NODOUT and other binary time history databases. The accelerations are output in the accelerometer local coordinate system.

This is a good way to do this as opposed to just using *DATABASE_HISTORY_NODE, IACCOP=1
for here, no oscillations occur (since the output node belongs to a rigid body) as opposed to nodal acceleration values that contain numerical noise

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