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Rahul Ponginan


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Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if there was a step by step tutorial or some videos to show how to morph a shape in hypermesh. Originally, the file was created in Avizo and then meshed using hypermesh. I want to be able to isolate the created components individually (in this case, isolate bones individually) and then change their shape then put the bones back together to create a synthetic jaw shape. At the moment, no one in the University has attempted to do this in Hypermesh, but it seems that if you can create shapes, you should be able to morph existing shapes.

Also, I was wondering how I could obtain of a copy of hypermesh/hypermorph so I can be able to do my research/models from my labtop.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated!!


JJ Hill


JJ Hill

University of Bristol

Ph.D. Student


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Hi JJ Hill,

There are HyperMorph Video Examples in the resource library , go to support > resource library and search with the keyword HyperMorph, go to http://www.altairhyperworks.com/ResLibSearchResult.aspx?keywords=hypermorph&industry=All&product_service=All&category=All&order_by=date_created&order_by_da=desc

you will need to register to access these resources using your university email ID

This is in addition to the tutorials in the help documentation for hypermorph,

You can use the free student edition in your Laptop,

License file and software can be requested from the Altair Online Store. In the Altair Online Store you need to provide your name, university address, university E-mail address etc. Once your local Altair university representative has approved your application, you will receive an E-Mail containing the download path to the software and the license file. The Online Store sales process is described in here.

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