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Rahul Ponginan

3D meshing basic problem

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Hello together,

I am using the 3D mesh for the first time and have some questions how to do it corretly.

Basicly I have 2 components which origin is an imported *.iges geometry. The first picture shows the component with a special shaped hole.
The second shows the part which shell be integrated in that hole
and the third shows the combined components.

so far I uses tetra mesh for each component individually. As you can see in the third picture there are some areas which overlap.

1. What can I do against those overlapping areas?

2. In general I want to have some areas of two components which are connected an some which move freely. How do I manage that?

Hope you can help me.

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Hi Student_1739,

I currently understand the issue to be that you need to have a matching mesh between the two components.

Here is a similar model,


Tetramesh only one of the components first

Then extract faces from this component using tool > faces

Then use tool > project to project only those face elements that need to match to the other unmeshed component


Then use volume tetramesh > match existing mesh


Or use automesh and mesh all the other surfaces except the surface with the projected elements to create a closed volume and then tetramesh this volume. this will create matching mesh between the two components.

To have certain regions fixed and certain other regions moving freely, after creating a matching mesh as above you can then proceed to create and define contact surfaces, contact interfaces can then be defined at required regions with fixed or sliding properties.

you could also perhaps try the mesh imprint after creating 2d meshes for components, imprint to ensure the meshes match and then proceed to tetramesh,

You may also have to ensure the geometry is edited so as to have matching surfaces so the mesh edges are confined into the surface and do not extend along the surface and hence imprintable or that we are able to match them.

for the above example the inner component was edited so that there are matching surfaces as below.

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isn't there a way to define that two touching surfaces are connected before starting the meshing process. otherwise it would be a lot of work to select each element. especially when it is inside the yellow component like in my problem.

what I did so far was:

1. 2D automesh the inner component, than tetra mesh.
2. find faces (displayed), resulting in a new component "faces"
3. project all those elements to the component "faces"
4. tetramesh the outer component.

it seems there are still some small clashing areas. I used the same size/element properties
should I project to another component like the outer one?

How do I define contact surfaces?

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The step 3 above should be to project the elements you want to match to the outer component surface.

When there are two adjoining surfaces A and B of solids whose mesh has to match, solid 1 and solid 2, just mesh solid 1, extract the face elements of surface A , project the face elements to surface B of solid 2, them mesh solid 2

You can use Geometry > boolean if you have solids in order to combine the two solids so that they become one volume and there is full connectivity between the two bodies when you mesh.

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the problem is, that I only can choose onesurface of the outer component. so the projection is not working.


I just tried it again with an other surface. now it seems to work but as you can see in the close up it didn't work for the hole mesh


the problem is based on the geometry.

as you can see in the pictures, the lines of the two components are not the same.

is there a way to edit this before I proceed with the tetramesh and the face projection??


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Thanks ,

I have sent you the modified models,.

Deleted the matching surfaces from the comp id 13
Dduplicated the matching surfaces from comp id 2 and organized into 13
surface meshed 13 while keeping similar bounding lines between 2 and 13
selected nodes on the surface of 13 and associated to respective surfaces of 2
surface meshed 2
tetrameshed 2 and 13

Please check these models and see if it satisfies the requirement

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Hi Rahul

@Rahul Ponginan 

Nice Info


I have similar issue.


I want to create match mesh between 2 Component (but matching surface having different area)


and there is some gap between them


i writing the script for this one.


Step i have done till now:

1. create mesh on one surface .

2  project mesh.

3. trim the surface (if one surface is small than other) using outside nodes

4. then create 2D Mesh remaining surface except project surf one : But the problem is mesh connectivity issue

how to overcome this issue?

Any idea 




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