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Rename all the entities in a model using TCL script.

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Hello Friends,


I want to rename all the entities in a model with some prefix. 


For example:

Component Name: 51002134 to New Name: PSHELL_51002134


Can anyone please provide me a TCL script to do it.


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proc rename_things { } {

variable sFrom

    variable sTo

    variable colValues

    foreach col [array names colValues] {

if {$colValues($col) == 1} {

foreach setName [hm_entitylist $col name] {

if {[set newName [string map [list $sFrom $sTo] $setName]]!= $setName} {

 catch {*renamecollector $col $setName $newName}







proc initColNames { } {

variable colNames

set colNames(nameList) [list comps props materials loadcols sets groups beamsectcols systemcols shapes vectorcols]

set colNames(comps) "Components"

set colNames(props) "Propertys"

set colNames(materials) "Materials"

set colNames(loadcols) "Load Collectors"

set colNames(groups) "Groups"

set colNames(beamsectcols) "Beam Section Collectors"

    set colNames(systemcols) "System Collectors"

    set colNames(vectorcols) "Vector Collectors"

    set colNames(shapes) "Shapes"

    set colNames(sets) "Entity Sets"




proc buildGUI { } {

variable colNames

    variable sFrom

    variable sTo

    variable colValues


set sFrom ""

set sTo ""


    set curNs [namespace current]

    # destroy window if it already exist

    if {[winfo exists .build_renameGui]} {

        destroy .build_renameGui



    # create window

    set build_expand [ hwt::CreateWindow build_renameGui \

            -windowtitle "Modify Names : Altair Hyd" \

            -post \

            -noGeometrySaving \

            -geometry 260x320 \

            -minSize 260 320 \

            -noCommandArea \


    ::hwt::KeepOnTop $build_expand

    set build_expandPanel [hwt::WindowRecess $build_expand];



    # okCancleFrame

    set okcanFrame   [frame $build_expand.ok]

    pack $okcanFrame -side top -anchor e

    set okButton     [button $okcanFrame.ok -width 10 -text " OK " -command "destroy .build_renameGui; ${curNs}::rename_things"]

    set cancelButton [button $okcanFrame.cancel -width 10 -text "Discard" -command { destroy .build_renameGui; } ]

    pack $cancelButton $okButton -side right -padx 4 -pady 4 -anchor e



    # build fram

    set stringsFrame [frame $build_expandPanel.stringsframe]

pack $stringsFrame -side top -anchor n


set labelFrom [label $stringsFrame.labelfrom -text "Search for:" ]

set valueFrom [entry $stringsFrame.valuefrom -textvariable ${curNs}::sFrom -width 25]

grid $labelFrom -row 0 -column 0 -columnspan 2 -padx 5 -sticky e

grid $valueFrom -row 0 -column 2 -padx 5 -sticky w


set labelTo [label $stringsFrame.labelto -text "Replace with:" ]

set valueTo [entry $stringsFrame.valueto -textvariable ${curNs}::sTo -width 25]

grid $labelTo -row 1 -column 0 -columnspan 2 -padx 5 -sticky e

grid $valueTo -row 1 -column 2 -padx 5 -sticky w


set colFrame [hwt::LabeledFrame $build_expandPanel.colframe " Affected Entitys: " \

                                    -side left -anchor nw -padx 2 -pady 10 -justify left ]



    set row 2


    array unset colValues

    foreach col $colNames(nameList) {

        set colValues(${col}) 0

        # Default wert...

        set label [label $colFrame.label$col -text $colNames($col)]

        set check [checkbutton $colFrame.check$col -variable ${curNs}::colValues(${col}) -onvalue 1]

        grid $check -row $row -column 0 -padx 2

        grid $label -row $row -column 1 -padx 2 -sticky w

        incr row





    return 1


## end proc buildGUI



proc ::run {args} {





run 0

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