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Aerodynamics: wall shear stress

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Hi all,


How to measure or plot boundary surface of x-wall shear stress in AcuFieldView?


The equation is, T= U (delta u/ delta y)


T= wall shear stress

U= dynamic viscosity

u= velocity

y= distance


Any idea how to compute (delta u/ delta y)?



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In Acufieldview, Boundary surface.(Attached thumbnail for reference)


If you want to visualize the shear stresses, it can be approximated using AcuFieldView with the attached formula restart file.  This approach uses Newton's law of viscosity to compute the shear, and works for all Newtonian fluids (turbulent or laminar).  The downfall of this approach is that it is an approximation, and it relies on estimation of the surface normal vector.  In the attached file, the normal vector is computed based on eddy viscosity. In all cases, you'll need to modify the formula restart file to contain the proper value of molecular viscosity for your simulation.


Rahul R

Acufield view.zip

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